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Combine modeling and programming with an intuitive diagram editor and next-gen round-trip engineering

UML Lab is the  Modeling IDE to seamlessly combine modeling and programming with an intuitive diagram editor and next-gen round-trip engineering (Round-Trip-EngineeringNG). The tool uses the same Xpand Templates for forward and reverse engineering. It recognizes legacy code and keeps your models clear and free from implementation details.
Therefore, UML Lab gives you a fully integrated and flexible modeling and programming experience in Eclipse.
FeaturesUML 2.3 class diagram editorRound-Trip-EngineeringNGIncluded Java templates with best practices and patternsBasic Support for PHP including MySQL and CakePHPModel-based code validationNavigation and model explorationXMI import/export (Rational Software Architect, TopCASED)   for more information, pricing and to download a FREE 30-Day Trial of UML Lab. Annual licenses are available from EUR 199 including support and TAATJENE

About The Barracuda Eclipse Plugins :complete development for the programming language JPL. JPL

The Barracuda Eclipse Plugins are complete development for the programming language JPL. JPL, as part of the Panther development environment from Prolifics (TM), is a legacy 3rd generation scripting language used for example by ERP applications.

Barracuda is a modernized infrastructure that runs JPL Panther application in a Java (TM) VM and by that opens new interfaces and builds the foundation to successfully enhance existing solutions in JPL, Java or other JVM compatible languages.

To offer a modern state-of-the-art IDE Barracuda is tightly integrated into the Eclipse Tooling platform offering:

Syntax-highlighting and -parsing editor
JPL debugger
Modern screen-Designer along with a screen converter
Profiling tools
Build-in light-weight HTTP server for rapid development cycles by eleminating the need of redployment and through just-in-time code compilation. BY TAATJENE Running your language on top of a JVM please take a look at the microdoc website.NEWS+Become Connectikpeople Rep…

Allow software developers to build unique test and performance tool

TPTP is an open development platform supplying frameworks and services for test and performance tools.The Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Project provides an open platform supplying powerful frameworks and services that allow software developers to build unique test and performance tool, both open source and commercial, that can be easily integrated with the platform and with other tools.
TPTP addresses the entire test and performance life cycle, from early testing to production application monitoring, including test editing and execution, monitoring, tracing and profiling, and log analysis capabilities. The platform supports a broad spectrum of computing systems including embedded, standalone, enterprise, and high-performance and will continue to expand support to encompass the widest possible range of systems.
TPTP will change the approach to application life cycle management, affecting IT organizations and tool vendors alike. Not only TPT…

Le développement d'application web basées sur le langage PHP côté serveur.

Le projetpropose unFramework PHP pourla plateforme Eclipse.Ce projetenglobe tous lescomposants de développement nécessairespour développeret faciliterl'extensibilitéPHP.Il s'appuie surle WebTools Platformexistants(CAP)et DynamicLanguages​​Toolkit (DLTK) enfournissant aux développeursPHPcapacités.
Intuitif etfacile à apprendreL'intégration transparente avecd'autresprojets EclipseL'adhésion aux normesEclipseextensibilité
Un soutien continudes développementsPHP PDT 2.2.0 is now available! ; by TAATJENE N EWS+Devenez représentant Connectikpeople de votre Région ou Pays et Gagner de l'argent:Comment?: nous écrire au : 

Lumière sur un environnement complet de développement pour les langages C et C++ pour Eclipse

Le projetCDTfournit un environnement complètementfonctionnelleC et C ++Environnementde développement intégrébasé sur la plateformeEclipse.Les caractéristiques comprennent: le soutien àla création de projetset géréla constructiondechaînes d'outilsdifférents,standardsfaire construire, à la navigationsource,différentsoutils de connaissancesource,telles que la hiérarchiede type, appelergraphique,notammentnavigateur, le navigateur dedéfinition de macro,l'éditeur de codeavec coloration syntaxique, le pliageet l'hyperliennavigation,la refactorisationde codesource etde génération de code,des outils de débogagevisuel,y compris la mémoire, les registres,et les téléspectateursdu démontage.
Check the Download link on how to get yours.N EWS+Devenez représentant Connectikpeople de votre Région ou Pays et Gagner de l'argent:Comment?: nous écrire au : 

Learn more about BIRT BIRT is an Eclipse-based open source reporting system for web applications

BIRT is an Eclipse-based open source reporting system for web applications, especially those based on Java and J2EE. BIRT has two main components: a report designer based on Eclipse, and a runtime component that you can add to your app server. BIRT also offers a charting engine that lets you add charts to your own application.
The current released version is 2.0 you can download BIRT, try it, and give your feedback though the newsgroups and Bugzilla.
With BIRT, you can add a rich variety of reports to your application. Lists – The simplest reports are lists of data. As the lists get longer, you can add grouping to organize related data together (orders grouped by customer, products grouped by supplier). If your data is numeric, you can easily add totals, averages and other summaries. Charts – Numeric data is much easier to understand when presented as a chart. BIRT provides pie charts, line & bar charts and many more. BIRT charts can be rendered in SVG and support eve…