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A new version 6.3 of Skype for Windows and Skype for Windows Phone 8, version 2.6. , released.

PacketFence 4.0 in major release henceforth available.

Breaking news: PostgreSQL 9.3 Beta 1, now Released

Culination, an interactive elearning platformbringing seasoned chefs to your kitchen.

Disque dur hybride SSHD (solid state hybrid drive) : Western Digital SanDisk font leur entrée.

EMC Data Protection Suite is henceforth available: ‘’create a survival kit that provides flexibility and reduces risk.’’

New Flipboard in Version 2.0.2 brings magazines and stories with friends and family via SMS text messaging.

Blender 2.67., is henceforth available to download.

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Using Dell Storage Snapshot Technologies available.

Software defined : EMC annonce ViPR, stockage entièrement définie par logiciel.