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Showing posts from August 27, 2013

Google Africa today is launching a new initiative called ‘Africa Connected’: Success stories powered by the web.

At Connectikpeople we are very excited to use Blogger, Google+ and Gmail to share our analyses, opinions, voices and Tech trends. Today, we are thrilled to share this contest launched by Google Africa, intended for those who embraced the web and Google’s tools, those who have been transformed by the web and Google’s

Survey: assessment of Retailer security and the approaches used to safeguard Retailer transactional systems.

The increased sharing of information among more and more types of devices and the need to be able to share information wirelessly within the store raises progressively the risk of fraud and compromising. This afternoon, Connectikpeople has received a report sponsored conjointly by McAfee and IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm specializing in technologies for the retail and

Google released an iOS app today to help set up a Chromecast device: stakes and opportunities.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, Chromecast is a dongle created by Google to help you stream video from anywhere on the web to a TV. It plugs into an HDTV and it can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Henceforth the Chromecast app unveiled today can be used for setting up the Chromecast to work with a Wi-Fi network and also to manage settings like changing device

Internet des objets : ARM dévoile sa stratégie autour de la nouvelle tendance.

Des objets connectés au service des hommes et des entreprises, c’est une tendance qui monte en puissance, les enjeux sont énormes quant aux opportunités disponibles. Sensinode est l’est des pionniers qui a beaucoup investit dans ce domaine, rejoint ARM pour continuer son aventure. Dans son actif deux protocoles, pas les moindres donc 6LoWPAN une version

Amazon today unveiled the Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android devices.

In its commitment to enable developers to merchandise millions of physical and digital items from within their apps and games, has unveiled today the Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android devices. Connectikpeople may recall that, until now, if developers wanted to create additional revenue channels for their apps they could use a “freemium” model with digital in-app purchasing or subscriptions,

Oracle CS Gatekeeper 5.0 to help Vodafone Hutchison Australia to Reduce Operational Costs and Grow Brand.

Oracle continues to consolidate its presence in Australia, so since this morning , it is official, that, Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has finalized the implementation of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.0 with the final goal to enhance network and application programming capabilities and

Citrix announced Citrix® NetScaler® Control Center for VMware.

With the final goal to help his customers gain advanced application availability, security and optimization functionality that complement existing VMware NSX™ capabilities, Citrix has announced yesterday Citrix® NetScaler® Control Center for VMware. This means, Citrix is automating deployment and configuration of NetScaler functionality within networks that will

La nouvelle stratégie de Yahoo ! pour son produit

Nous sommes rendus à la 31ème acquisition de Yahoo ! sous l’ère Marissa Mayer. Certainement vous pouvez constater avec nous que, c’est un groupe qui se renforce et rattrape progressivement son retard technologique et commerciale par rapport à ses concurrents directs notamment Google. L’énergie est de plus en plus déployée pour des

Toshiba today announced the launch of “TC90232XBG”, as a high quality image processing IC for LCD TVs.

Toshiba continues its efforts to improve image processing IC for LCD TVs. Today, the Japanese company has unveiled “TC90232XBG”, as a high quality image processing IC for LCD TVs that supports the LVDS input and output for Full HD (1920 x 1080) and WXGA (1366 x 768). Pending the mass production as from December 2013,

Today Logitech introduced a mouse that aims to redefine the boundaries of wireless gaming.

With these new releases, Logitech wants to create lot and maintain lot of excitement around your game. Unveiled this morning, the Logitech® G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse combines about 250 hours of non-stop lag-free wireless game play with the precision of Logitech G’s exclusive Delta Zero™ sensor technology. This means high-accuracy cursor control

Cisco Live! Mexico 2013, to witness how Cisco solutions will support and enable the Internet of Everything.

Cisco Live! is an annual event held, in four locations worldwide respectively in: U.S., Europe, Australia and Mexico. This year, Mexico City will hold the event from 5 to 7 November 2013, on the Mexican Mayan Riviera at the Moon Palace Hotel. Billed as one of the most important industry meetings that gather customers, IT experts and partners from all business segments and

Site24x7announced the launch of monitoring support for hybrid and public cloud environments.

With this new release, we can observe that, Site24x7 is extending its monitoring capabilities to include all cloud environments: support for VMware infrastructure and Amazon services are compelling additions to its existing portfolio of cloud services this company provide to help enterprise IT. Henceforth available, the new capabilities aims to let users monitor VMware vSphere® hypervisors as well as Amazon EC2 and RDS web services. This means, Site24x7 now provides insight into the performance of

McAfee announced the new McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Server.

With this new release, we can observe firstly that, McAfee Data Center security aims to optimize security, flexibility and manageability of virtual environments with its MOVE AV functionality, by providing a simplified security solution for companies investing in virtualization for data centers, applications