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Run scalable and high-performing Hadoop clusters.

In fact, we live in a digital age where data is the most critical asset at the heart of infinite stakes. For many, Hadoop is henceforth indispensable when it comes to big data storage and processing. Therefore, Hadoop distributions that make Hadoop fast, easy, and secure; no matter the deployment environment are always recommended by
Google and Cloudera offer now support for Google Cloud Platform to Cloudera Enterprise through Cloudera Director. salutes this momentum, that can streamline your experiences when it comes to easily deploy and manage Cloudera’s platform on Google Cloud Platform by using Cloudera Director to provision cloud resources and manage the lifecycle of Hadoop deployments.

Integrated, comprehensive collaborative content management solution (CCM) for Business.

In our disruptive digital-driven world, the culture of collaboration is henceforth indispensable when it comes to increase productivity and to cope with common challenges. Integrated, comprehensive collaborative content management solutions (CCM) for Business feeds this culture within enterprises providing inter alia tools including: instant meetings Schedule a meeting remote desktop control White boarding discussion feeds cloud-based content storage and collaboration Search content The NEC Collaborative Content Manager (CCM) Business solution for example, integrates multiple collaboration tools from a single access point that can help you increase productivity within your team.

Astonishing $750M in Private Equity captured last week to fund the digital economy.

Nearly $1.206B poured in the digital economy last week in terms of funding. Trends or segments fostred include: transportation app, mobile games, architectural dynamic glasses, digital media, online grocery store, Bigdata, e-commerce and non-toxic household products have been fostered.
So, overall can recall: $6.3M / Series A for Bounce Exchange that enables clients to transform their web traffic by serving content tailored to different visitor segments. Bounce Exchange will use the $6.45M in funding for software to boost online transactions. Investors include:Contour Venture Partners, Primary Venture Partners, Justin Yoshimuraand more. $26M / Series B for Super Evil Megacorp !; a company that developing core games for tablet, mobile, and emerging platforms. Super Evil plans to use the $26M in funding to create hardcore e-sports games for mobile devices. Investors include: Index Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, Crosscut Ventures and others. $30M / Series B for Grey O…