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Showing posts from August 2, 2013

Google and Endurance International Group help small business owners in the United States establish their web presence.

Obviously the stake is too important for the small business owners; an online presence means today more revenues and more efficiency. But this reality is not shared or known by everyone among the small business owners. Based on these facts, Google and Endurance International Group

True has selected Huawei to deploy its 3G IP core network: stakes and opportunities.

As you can imagine explosive growth in: ·data traffic, ·online videos services, ·Intelligent terminals, obliges mobile carriers and IT companies upon transform their infrastructures to meet the requirements related to this explosive growth. True, a leading communication service provider in Thailand, today

The Brazilian Network Information Center ( has deployed Cisco® 100 Gbps IP and IP/DWDM technologies.

Plus one for Cisco in this country, investment is not the slightest: Cisco has deployed Cisco® 100 Gbps IP and IP/DWDM technologies to expand the Internet Exchange’s largest facility.Connectikpeople has observed that, the expanded network covering Sao Paulo and other major cities will include VPLS

Duracell® today announced the launch of Duracell Quantum, as the world’s most advanced alkaline battery.

You have certainly heard about Duracell in terms of  efficiency.Today, Duracell® has announced the launch of Duracell Quantum. Billed as the world’s most advanced alkaline battery, since CopperTop, with its revolutionary Hi-Density Core™ and proprietary PowerCheck™ power indicator, according to Duracell,

Orange plombé par une dette colossale de 29.610 milliards d’euros mise sa croissance en Afrique et Moyen Orient.

A priori, on peut penser que la crise à l’hexagone en est pour quelque chose. Mais c’est un groupe qui souffre premièrement des effectifs pléthoriques en France (104.000 employés) et en suite de

Cubeware announced the addition of LTGeoCoder to its BISTRO business intelligence (BI) applications store.

As we can observed together,  the new CubewareBISTRO App adds Mapping and Geo-positioning Perspective to yield new insights. Connectikpeople may recall that, Lutum + Tappert, specialist for innovative mapping and geo-marketing, designed the LTGeoCoder

Advanced cyber-attacks: OpenDNS announced the latest release of its Umbrella Web security platform.

As we can observe, with this new launching, OpenDNS reinforces its battle against the cyber-attacks. In fact, since yesterday, OpenDNS has announced the latest release of its Umbrella Web security platform. Connectikpeople has discovered that, this new mount has been enhanced with predictive detection capabilities provided by the Umbrella Security Graph. This means as from now, Umbrella can identify, prevent, contain

Phase active pour BlackBerry Messenger Android et iOS enclenchée.

Avec près de 62 millions d’utilisateurs la messagerie BlackBerry Messenger, qui a longtemps construit le succès des terminaux Blackberry, s’inscrit désormais dans un schéma d’ouverture forcée face à la concurrence te la dynamique crée par Android et iOS. Pour la survie de ce fleuron dans la galaxy Blackberry, il était

Toshiba announced the launch of “TPD1054F”, a 1-channel low-side switch IPD (intelligent power device).

The rhythm of production and of the announcements at Toshiba Corporation is maintained and follows its cadence. Today, the company has unveiled the “TPD1054F”, a 1-channel low-side switch IPD (intelligent power device) with diagnostic

Intuitive 3D gesture interaction: SanDisk Ventures has invested in Pebbles Interfaces.

With this investment, SanDisk Ventures aims to improve its portfolio of products and get a look into the future by investing into the promising technologies. For Pebbles, based in Israel, this is a great opportunity to accelerate the implementation of its objectives in R&D. For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeopleay recall that, Pebbles

Google earth outreach Geo for Good User Summit 2013: November 12-15, 2013, Mountain View, California.

Connectikpeople may recall that,this workshop is intended for nonprofit mapping and technology specialists. Participants will meet one or more of the following requirements:

SAP has completed the acquisition of hybris: stakes and opportunities

This new step crossed, demonstrates the real ambitious of SAP behind this acquisition. Henceforth, as Connectikpeople is observing, SAP is investing in the future of commerce and customer engagement, with the goal to enable businesses to deliver relevant, contextual and consistent experiences for customers across all their digitally-enabled interactions. Under the terms of agreement, the two companies plan to combine the agile omni-channel commerce solutions of hybris with robust

Google Drive: henceforth it easier for you to access Docs, Sheets, and Slides from your Windows computer.

Google has improved its online storage tool. Now, when you install Google Drive for your PC, you’ll see shortcut icons for each of the editors on your desktop and within the Google Drive folder in the

Avira announced the launch of Avira Rescue System, to repair viruses, Trojans, worms.

Henceforth Avira is deeply committed to address security threats on PC. The launching of “First Aid Kit” today is in this way. With this new mount, users will be able to scan and repair PC computers that are already infected with viruses, Trojans, worms or