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Google Identity Platform in our digital age.

The right combination or the holistic convergence of security, privacy and the user-experience is a game-changer in our digital age where businesses need to reduce the friction of getting users into their app.
Today, Google has released its IdentityPlatform including Identity tools to help you quickly build an auth system. salutes this initiative likely to bring peace in minds when it comes to easily scale your auth system as you grow on desktop and mobile; to secured authentication system; to reduce the risk of forgotten user passwords with simple configuration changes.

Cloud-based outbound and blended contact center solutions in our data-driven age.

At, we are proud to observe that, the contact center continues to evolve as a critical organization-wide business asset.
Exciting also, to note that, solutions providers are more and more aware of a shared vision on easy-to-use, highly responsive customer engagement capabilities; critical for streamlined productivity. 
It is also indispensable to enable users to easily try, buy, deploy, and adapt services without blunt complexities and constraints.
For informational purpose only, recalls that 8x8, Inc. , has acquired privately-held DXI Ltd., with the goal to boost its European expansion efforts and further position the company as a leader in cloud contact center solutions.

Allow companies to easily connect with the right partners in their network.

One of the major bottlenecks in our digital age is the pain of handling hundreds of relationships and interactions.
Henceforth the new IT Convergence including: cloud, big-data, analytics, IoT and mobility, brings peace in minds with a combination of a set powerful algorithms that can transformhow companies connect inter alia: with freelancers, businesses and services.
Lystable founded in November 2014 by Peter Johnston is a platform that can help enterprises search, manage and evaluate external parties including freelancers, businesses and service.
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You can now see how maps can help you make better decisions.

As you can learn, discover and observe this with, we live henceforth in a data-driven world fuels by the new IT Convergence including: the cloud, big-data, analytics, IoT and the mobility.
Around us and in our smartphones and through wearables, huge amount of data are generated in real-time including:  location data.
Millions of devices are streaming location data in real-time around the world, meaning that, henceforth you can to unlock the value in and from this massive and streaming datasets. salutes the philosophy behind Mapsense focusing on location-driven insight for the era of massive data and original data-driven map visualizations with access to rich open data like Open Street Maps, US Demographics data and more.
Its mapping engine & developer tools can help you quickly build powerful, interactive applications to unlock the value in your geotagged data and inter alia: discover the impact of location.
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