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Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management: realities, stakes and recommendations.

As you can imagine, our global environment is henceforth structured by a set of emerging technologies capable to streamline in real-time each aspect of our activity, technology and venture.
Our global environment is also characterized by the growing aggressive competitiveness. This means inter alia that, large companies for instance need the end-to-end flexibility, comprehensive security and should simplify their work planning process, improve job scheduling, enhance both short-term and long-term asset maintenance decisions, improve employee productivity , streamline costs , improve service and optimize their assets. 
If unfamiliar,,  recalls that Oracle Utilities integrates software applications for billing, network management, work and asset management, mobile workforce management, and meter data management applications. When it comes to Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management,, recommends utilities to focus inter alia on the following capabilit…

Enhanced Over-The-Top (OTT) analytics for broadcasters: recommendations and solutions.

Cloud-based technologies and services represented henceforth an unmatched opportunity for each broadcasters to streamline its operations, minimize risks and costs, but also improve the end-users experience.
This means, when it comes to Enhanced Over-The-Top (OTT) analytics, for instance,, soon #Retinknow, recommends broadcasters to focus inter alia on the platform that can:
Enable TV-like quality experiences;
Provide scalable, flexible, seamless and secure features;
Provide deep insight into their viewers' behavior;
Dynamic tools to make better programming decisions;
Provide quality experiences, engagement time, geographic disbursement, most popular;
Enable end-users to drive more successful OTT video distribution business., soon #Retinknow, salutes the new partnership between Octoshape and Nice People At Work combining the Nice People At Work YouboraTMOTT Reporting and Analytics data with detailed Client-Side statistics from the Octoshape Infinite …

The convergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Robotic Things: realities, recommendations and study.

More and more, it is exciting to observe how the emerging technologies like (modular phone, hydroponic farms and autonomous vehicles, smart sensors and advanced robotics, smart wi-fi and more) evolve and transform our daily existence; improve or transform and can streamline our living conditions, security and industrial process.
It is also encouraging to see that the combination of these emerging technologies brings: additional value; increase opportunities; minimize risk; generate new opportunities and create new classes of applications., soon #Retinknow®, recalls that we can define the Internet of Things (IoT), as a set of physical smart objects (embarking sensors) capable of communicating through the Internet without human intervention.
Regarding the Internet of Robotic Things, we can talk about intelligent devices which can inter alia:
Monitor events;
Combine sensor data from a variety of sources;
determine a best course of action;
Control or manipulate objects the …