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The Development and Deployment of Voice Enabled Services

Steadily, it becomes clear that, Voice Enabled Services are impacting our digital experiences. In business, leveraging voice services can accelerate user adoption and minimize the need for training by providing a natural, intuitive interface, enabling business users to effectively do their job without having to be a technologist.
iOLAP’s enterprise voice platform aims to accelerate the development, deployment, operations and monitoring of Alexa Skills in a business environment. The iOLAP Enterprise Voice platform enables iOLAP’s Voice Platform team to quickly implement common persona templates, integrate with database platforms via ODBC/JDBC and third party applications via APIs. 
The Enterprise Voice platform provides core capabilities including the ability to support multiple security models, methods to validate the user experience against best practices, and offers an integrated visual companion to complement the voice experience. iOLAP’s Enterprise Voice is currently developed on Ama…

Introduction of e-passport and e-visa application and services

Steadily, one can observe that, the introduction of e-passport and e-visa application and services are at the core of stakes in the global e-passport and e-visa market.
In effect, it facilitates reduction of hassles during the processing and verification of documents at airports, minimized the processing time at immigration desks to get clearance, and also allows security personnel to focus their attention on the surveillance of suspicious and high-risk travelers.

Here is what is adding growth in the global digital forensics market

Beyond limitations in cloud forensics and lack in specialized skill sets, Increasing penetration of internet, smart devices, electronic devices, to name a few, is adding growth in the global digital forensics market. According t o Research and Markets, the Global Digital Forensics Market will grow at CAGR of 10% by 2023; with key Players including Access Data, MSAB, Paraben Forensics, Logrhythm & NUIX - Research and Markets The firm also reveals that, geographically, North America accounted for the largest market share in terms of revenue for the digital forensic market in 2016 and the region is expected to dominate the market by 2023 owing to technological penetration as well as concerns regarding safety and security among defense and banking sectors in the region. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region for digital forensic market owing to increasing internet penetration in the region.

E-passport and e-visa in our ever-connected data-driven world

For those who are unfamiliar, Electronic passport and visa abbreviated as e-passport and e-visa respectively are the authenticate documents which consists of digital and biometric information of the passengers travelling to cross-border destinations. 
This digital information is required to authenticate the identity of passengers. E-passport and e-visa functionson the contactless smart chip technology integrated with microprocessor or computer chip along with an embedded antenna. 
E-passports and e-visa are being extensively used by the passengers travelling for both business and leisure purpose.

Increase in demand for electric and hybrid electric vehicles explained

Global awareness regarding environmental concerns is on an exciting curve. Then one can observe that, Government initiatives for controlling rising environmental concerns and volatile oil prices are helping accelerate the shift to electric vehicles. It is estimated that EVs and HEVs can reduce the oil consumption by more than one-third by 2020 as electricity is cheap and provides a big cost advantage over gasoline and petroleum.

A significant growth in demand for connected logistics explained

Very exciting to observe that, a significant growth in demand for connected logistics is expected due to rapid increase in adoption of advanced technologies such as IoT in transportation and logistics, advancement in big data analytics, and real time monitoring, globally. We also have at the core of stakes: significant improvement in supply chain management; rapid advancement in cloud computing, adoption of sensor based technologies across industries, and demand for advanced freight management systems are some of the key trends observed in the global connected logistics market. The global connected logistics market is expected to witness a CAGR of 33%, to reach $73,846.1 million by 2023; with key Players such as AT&T, IBM, Intel Corporation, SAP SE, Infosys Limited, Cisco Systems, HCL Technologies & Cloud Logistics, according to Research and Markets.