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Dell has introduced Sharepoint via Dell Cloud: stakes and opportunity.

This step means that now SharePoint Enterprise and Standard Server are hosted on a dedicated server for each customer within the Dell Cloud infrastructure. Therefore it is included in this offering:
Installation, Configuration, and 24x7x365 Support

Les messageries Google Talk, Gmail ,Hangout, Voice, Messenger, Chat for Drive, etc bientôt unifiées.

Une messagerie unifiée intégrant Google Talk, Hangout de Google+, Google voice, Chat for Drive etc., s’est ce qui semble être en développementdu côté de Google, si on s’en tient aux premières captures d’écrans publiées.Ce qui voudrait dire que, si ce projet aboutit, fini les navettes entres les différentes applications, l’utilisateur se

Recent Reports of DHS-Themed Ransomware: to use caution in United State of America.

Connectikpeople has received reports of apparently DHS-themed ransomware occurring in the wild. Users who are being targeted by the ransomware receive an email message claiming that use of their computer has been suspended and that the user must pay a fine to unblock it. The

Darktable 1.2rcl henceforth available for the download.

For those who unfamiliar, darktableis an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. It aims to be a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers to manage digital negatives in a database, view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you

Internet Census 2012 : une carte animée de l'Internet mondial à partir d'un botnet.

S’il y’a bien quelque chose que tout le monde peut avoir accès à tout moment quant il le souhaite dans les cinq coins du monde, c’est bien internet. Mais lorsqu’il s’agit de faire une cartographie animée de l’activité sur ce réseau tant tentaculaire, cela exige d’une grande intelligence

The Multifunctional Bathtub: an exclusive tilt function that allows you to save water when you take a soak.

Designed by Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee and Jiwon Moon , they promise that depending upon how you tilt and use the tub, you could end up saving 80% of water for foot bath, 60% of water for half-body

HonestBaby for your iPhone to help modern parents with their babies

Available in  Apple store since March 21, 2013 HonestBabywill aims to help parents: Chart their children’s daily activities and development, Track feeding, diaper changes, sleep, growth, and doctor visits and Add honestly special moments before you forget.
The Honest Company promises that if you’re

L’influence du digital sur le parcours client : Enjeux et Réalités.

S’il est davantage vrai que le digital ou internet rentre perçant avec des mutations dans nos habitudes de tous les jours, certaines réalités résistent. Mais pour combien de tant encore !
L’infographie de Moonda, une agence de communication cross-

Zeebox for iOS accommodates new update in version 2.11.1

Interested to discover, connect, share and interact all live as you watch, zeebox could be your partner. With Zeebox, we talk about show, see what the stars are viewing, chat with your friends, start a viewing party, or Tweet your thoughts on what you're watching and