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The world’s experts in design, development and data science.

From Adam d'Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook, via Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, to Margaret Hamilton, who wrote the code for the Apollo space program, The topcoder community is a place where you can find in real-time  proficient, skilled and prodigies people when it comes to solve your programming challenges and get objective insight on new and emerging technologies.
The topcodercommunity gathers the world’s experts in design, development and data science to work on interesting and challenging problems for fun and reward. With topcoder, you can improve and demonstrate your skills, and gain reward for your expertise.
Members are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their expertise, improve their skills, and win cash.

Three fundamental realities behind the Social Collaboration to Transform Work.

At the core of Social Collaboration, highlights the way we work and invention of new approaches for the work of tomorrow.
Here, through the use of social tools, collaboration software, and pre-builtprocesses; people, data and decision-making capabilities, are brought together when and where you need them.

Then, you can improve employee collaboration, increase engagement, productivity and enhance understanding of common corporate goals.
You are able to share key information and make better connections both inside and outside the organization. 
Real-time presence and content management systems accompanies in this journey.
The SAP® Jam™ social software platform paves its way within this vertical.

HP Pavilion Mini Desktop, HP Stream Mini Desktop and ZBook Workstation .

HP Pavilion Mini Desktop, HP Stream Mini Desktop and ZBook Workstation , are the new products that  expand the HP business and consumer portfolio. Please welcome the HP Pavilion Mini Desktop, HP Stream Mini Desktop and ZBook Workstation to the HP family.
The Pavilion Mini Desktop is powered by Windows and up to an Intel Core i7 processor, so you can surf the web, play games, work on homework, edit pictures and so much more . The Pavilion Mini Desktop has a DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity so that you can connect to monitors and other devices like your TV.
 It has a 32 GB SSD for extra speed and comes with 200 GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage for two years.

when it comes to the HP ZBook , these notebooks come in 14” and 15.6” sizes and offer customization options so that you can get the best configuration for your business needs.

These notebooks run  Windows; they are powered by Intel’s 5th Generation Core processor, AMD graphics. They include up to 16 GB of memory an…