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WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 available for WordPress plugin or theme developer.

Pending the official WordPress 3.6 release very soon, WordPress plugin or theme developer can now make sure that their extensions are compatible with the upcoming 3.6 release. WordPress 3.6 will combine Post Formats: Post Formats have been ramped up to have their own UI. Changes in 3.6 also make it possible

Pear Linux 7available to download: billed as an Ubuntu remix.

Henceforth available, Pear OS 7 includes: Kernel 3.5, LibreOffice 4.0.1,Pear OS Software Center ,MyPear 4 ,Pear Cleaner 2.1,Pear PPA Manager ,VLC Media Player ,Firefox ,Back Time (Clone of Apple Time Machine) ,Geary

PostgreSQL announces a critical security release for all versions of PostgreSQL.

The PostgreSQL has released a security update to all current versions of the PostgreSQL database system, including versions 9.2.4, 9.1.9, 9.0.13, and 8.4.17. According to them, this update fixes high-exposure security vulnerability in

LibreOffice 4.0.2, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is now available.

This release fixes several bugs and glitches. According to the developers it is another important milestone in the process of improving the quality and stability of the bleeding edge version of LibreOffice, and facilitating the migration process to free software.
For those who unfamiliar, LibreOffice is community-driven and developed software which is a project of the not-for-profit organization: The Document

MATE 1.6 now released: a ‘’giant’’ step forward from the 1.4 release.

According to the team behind this project,MATE Desktop 1.6. is a giant step forward from the 1.4 release. In fact in this release, we can observe that they have replaced many deprecated packages and libraries with new technologies, also added a lot of new features to MATE. Therefore main changes include: Systemd-logind support,Caja (file manager) improvements,Panel improvements,Marco (window manager) improvements,Control center improvements:
Added option to enable Marco compositing manager and fast alt-tab in

The eCycle, an electric bicycle that aims to make biking the obvious choice of transportation.

Designed by Milos Jovanovic, this bike combines softness, beauty, effortless and easily maneuverability. We discovered that the dynamic frame of the eCycle integrates battery and motor within a lightweight and flexible structure and hosts a stylized fuel tank to mask a battery pack.
eCycle also features a hydroformed, flexible and lightweight aluminum frame and a removable battery. The electric motor fits

Game: Duke Nukem 2 now lands on your iOS devices.

Crafted by Interceptor Entertainment, Duke Nukem II for iOS aims to let you experience the 90′s classic. If you are nostalgic, you can download it now . the game includes Features like:  Smooth Side Scrolling Action, Insane VGA Graphics, 256 Eye Popping Colors, Interactive Environments, 32 Action Packed Levels, Full

Le Canada est prêt à accueillir des créateurs d’entreprise de partout dans le monde : financement et Visa ok !

Vous êtes un entrepreneur brillant, bourré de talents et d’innovations, votre pays n’offre pas les opportunités ou n’a pas un dispositif pour vous inciter ou aider en amorçage, eh bien voici venu le temps pour vous d’aller au Canada. Dès le 28 mars  2013, le ministre de la Citoyenneté, de l’Immigration et du Multiculturalisme, Jason Kenney, annonça que les plus brillants entrepreneurs au monde, ceux qui veulent lancer de nouvelles

Chrome for Android 26.0.1410.58 contains now Password Sync.

What was already possible via your desktop and laptop computers is henceforth also possible on your mobile.
In fact this new release means that you can now access your saved passwords and autofill entries on your phone and tablet when you’ve signed in to Chrome.
Available progressively on Play, Chrome for

Game: SHADOWGUN- DeadZone for iOS devices accommodates major update in version 2.0.0.

In the quest to become the most-wanted bounty hunter in the entire galaxy?, this game may interest you to experience your desire.

Henceforth version 2.0.0 brings multilanguage support. This means 8 new languages including: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
You can now use a brand new cool feature: BOOSTERS (Speed, Armor, Damage,

The CIC China Social Media Landscape 2008-2013: stakes and opportunities.

These stunning infographics are been crafted by and we can discover that 2008-2013 have been an explosive 5 years . In addition these infographic show us also  the potential growth of this country in terms of social media, e-commerce and other online business.

The 2013 diagram for example has portrayed China’s social media platforms in 4 categories, based

Google Maps launches voice guided for Ghana, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal

Henceforth people living in Ghana, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia can now use Google Maps with voice guided integrated. For those who are planning to visit these

Acquisition : Cisco rachète Ubiquisys : enjeux sur le femtocell 3G et LTE.

La tendance smartphone et tablette s’inscrit et devrait s’inscrire durablement sur une bonne courbe. En effet se connecter via son smartphone ou tablette pour travailler, se divertir ou assurer le train quotidien, fait désormais partir de notre existence. Le mobile est dont