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Build and optimize data pipelines, create mobile applications, and debug, trace, and monitor your cloud applications in production.

As you can observe here, progressively developers are invaded by a set of tools and solutions, technologies and methodologies, when it comes to help them build and optimize data pipelines, create mobile applications, and debug, trace, and monitor their cloud applications in production.
This is a sign of maturity of this industry. At Google, henceforth they talk about Google CloudDataflow, thenew services that help developers build and optimize data pipelines, create mobile applications, and debug, trace, and monitor their cloud applications in production.

Our interest for the Google I/O, leads us to witness the demonstration of Google Cloud Dataflow for the first time. Cloud Dataflow aims to be a successor to MapReduce, and is based on Google’s internal technologies like Flume and MillWheel.

With Cloud Dataflow, you can: ·Get actionable insights from your data , ·You can use Cloud Dataflow for use cases like ETL, batch data processing and streaming analytics. soon Re…

Publicités vidéo en qualité HD sur terminaux mobiles Android et iOS : ce que vaut Opera Mediaworks.

Avec la prolifération des réseaux 3G et 4G LTE à travers le monde, on assiste à une explosion de la consommation de la vidéo sur mobile. Tous les voyants de ce côté-là semble au vert, tant pour le segment vidéo dela publicité sur mobile, le divertissement que pour l’ensemble des vidéos liés au e-learning. S’agissant donc du digital marketing, notre unique expérience de cette industrie nous conduit progressivement à constater que le segment de plus en plus dynamique au sein de l'industrie de la publicité sur mobile, est la vidéo. En termes de revenus engrangés, ce marché est quasiment dominé respectivement par Google et Facebook. Et nous ne sommes qu’au stade précoce de cette tendance appelée à s’intensifier avec la démocratisation et la sophistication des smartphones, des tablettes tactiles et leurs

A New Website Makes It Easier for Entrepreneurs to Open a Business in Arkansas.

At soon Retinknow®, we love tools and instruments, methodologies and technologies susceptible to help entrepreneurs in real-time. This reality leads us to recall that, the Arkansas Secretary of State has partnered with the InformationNetwork of Arkansas and created a website that helps first-time entrepreneurs find out how to open a business in the state. officially launched today, the site presents a curated-summary of the federal, state and local government requirements for opening a business, including licenses, permits, tax obligations and other documents. The goal here with this website, is to make the process easier for anyone who is thinking of starting a business in Arkansas. This means streamline interactions

The U.S. wireless providers handled more than 3.2 trillion megabytes (MB) of data in 2013: facts, figures and keys actors.

With the proliferation of the 3G and LTE Networks, across the world; carriers, wireless providers and operators are witnessing more than ever the increasing consumption of data. As part of our global commitment, soon Retinknow® has captured for you the annual survey, from CTIA, the Wireless Association®. According to this study, US nation’s carriers invest billions of dollars every year to provide consumers with the world’s best wireless networks, products and services, but they also need to redouble their efforts to work collaboratively and identify additional spectrum bands for mobile broadband use to meet future consumer demands. This means, they need to start a new dialogue with all affected stakeholders to develop a long-term strategic spectrum vision for 2020 and beyond. soon Retinknow® can also observe that, in 2013, wireless carriers invested a record breaking $33.1 billion in capital expenditures, approximately $101 per subscriber, excludi…

Startups and funding industries: AnyPerk, Skyhigh Networks, Tanium, RelayRides, Kreditech, and Grand Rounds can continue product development and expansion.

As, a unique must-attend landmark for the end-to-end digital transformation, for the companies of all sizes, soon Retinknow®, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, investors, enterprises and public sectors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world, in terms of innovations, funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. This instrument can also help you to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund your projects.
AnyPerk, (Founded in 2012, an employee perk and discount startup based in San Francisco, has raised $3 million in additional seed funding from VegasTech Fund, FundersClub, Vayner/RSE, and a handful of angel investors. This startup helps companies create and distribute employee perks such as discounted gym memberships, hotel deals and movie tickets. AnyPerk will use the new cash to create a location-aware mobile app for employees.
Skyhigh Networks, (Founded in 2001, a cloud access security company), has …

Industrie de la vente en ligne d'objets fait-main : canaux, acteurs clés, chiffres, réalités et enjeux.

La vente en ligne d'objets fait-main est une tendance qui a vu le jour en 2005 tout au moins avec le lancement Etsy. En 2014, c’est une véritable industrie qui monte en puissance. Une montée en puissance boostée entre autres par le mobile et un marché international de plus en plus intéressé par les objets fait-main. Comme vous pouvez l’observer ici, l’e-commerce jouis progressivement d’une bonne réputation. Ce qui veut dire qu’il ya un vrai marché à conquérir. Alibaba, Rakuten, Amazon, Tencent et autres ne manquent pas d’inspirations dans ce sens.
Lorsqu’il s’agit vente en ligne d'objets fait-main, bientôt RetinkNow®, rappelle qu’on parle entre autres des bijoux, objets d'art-déco, vêtements, sculptures, photos, dessins. Etsy qui mise sur le savoir-faire artisanal des internautes se positionne comme l'un des principaux canaux de vente et de création de boutiques pour les entrepreneurs créatifs. L’américain renforce progressivement son influence à l’inter…

The Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3), to address the global workforce gap in cybersecurity and provide new career opportunities.

In our data-driven world, combined with the increasing and the sophistication of the cybersecurity attacks and its methodologies; the security providers and agencies, need inter alia; to fill the IT security field talent gap, when it comes to seriously fight against multisource cybersecurity threats and attacks. As part of our global commitment, soon Retinknow®, hails, the launch of the Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3). The main goal with this programme, is to address the global workforce gap in cybersecurity and provide new career opportunities for young adults who may not be college-bound. Year Up, NPower and LifeJourney, working in conjunction with Symantec’s charitable foundation, the Symantec Foundation, to prepare talented young adults to obtain industry-recognized CompTIA Network+, Security+ and Ethical Hacker certifications. The pilot program will include a cybersecurity curriculum developed by Symantec in partnership with the nonprofits, as well as a vir…

A new set of data solutions that can provide real-time actionable insights on young domain names.

When it comes to the fight against cybercrimes, at soonRetinkNow®, we observe that, and we see a long-terms war, which required a synergy of actions and mutual forces or intelligence. This fight also requires the holistic approaches and methodologies among the security providers and users. Our unique experience of a set of threats, methodologies and technologiesleads us to encourage Farsight Security, Inc, when it comes to the fightagainst cybercrime. This startup has emerged from the stealth mode with Newly Observed Domains (NOD), anew set of data solutions that can provide real-time actionable insights on

Building great feeling, great looking consumer products: Oculus paves its way with Carbon Design Team.

Henceforth, when it comes to talk about commercial-success, the design  is one of the keys components . People love soft and beautiful, cute and alluring products. At Oculus, a Facebook's subsidiary specialized in virtual reality, they are aware of this reality. Therefore Oculus has agreed to acquire Carbon Design Team, one of the premier industrial design and product engineering teams in the USA. soon Retinknow®, hails, this strong momentum of Oculus and we hope that, the company will be able to deliver ground-breaking new virtual reality