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A mobile phone directory app, an online pharmacy startup and a smart remote software maker.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world.
PillPack,( Launched in February 2014, an online pharmacy startup based in Cambridge, MA), has raised $8.75 million in Series A funding led by Accel Partners with participation from Atlas Venture, High Line Venture Partners, Queensbridge Venture Partners, Andy Palmer and David Tisch. PillPack coordinates with doctors and insurance providers to deliver users the right medications at the right time, with 24-hour customer service for patients. PillPack is currently available in 40 U.S. states and plans to use the latest cash to spread awareness about its service and build out operations and distribution.
Peel, (Founded in 2009, a smart remote software maker with headquarters in Mountain View), has raised $50 million in a strategic investment from e-commerce giant Alibaba. Peel's An…

Xamarin Evolve 2014 : a set of opportunities to build native mobile apps across all major platforms.

When it comes to build fully native mobile apps from a single, shared code base across all major platforms,Xamarin is progressively unskirtable with its ability to empower developers through intuitive features. 
During the conference (October 8–10 in Atlanta, USA), a set of stuffs have caught our attention, namely: a new suite of UI and file format components designed to support Xamarin.Forms: Essential Studiofor Xamarin.,  observes that Xamarin.Forms can enable developers to build native user interfaces for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone from a single, shared C# codebase while maintaining access to all of the native APIs on each platform. 
Couchbase, Inc., provider of complete NoSQL database, and Xamarin have announced general availability of the jointly developed Couchbase Lite for .NET. Couchbase Lite is billed as a full featured, flexible, embedded, JSON database that runs locally on the device and is built from the ground up for mobile devices.

Streamlined Workforce Management technology: trends and recommendations.

It is obvious that, in our mobile-driven world, where the personal and business use of mobile devices increase rapidly, data is our most precious asset and people want and expect to be served as better as possible in judicious time, through innovative technology and flexible choice of service. 
In this context, enterprises and organizations should be able to deliver seamless access to payroll, HR, and benefits information for a streamlined and integrated approach to workforce management. 
As we live in a cloud computing world, enterprises and organizations should focus on a comprehensive, flexible, secure and scalable cloud-based platform that offers useful capabilities in a simple and intuitive user experience that is adaptive to the needs of users across the human capital management spectrum: recruiters and recruits, HR and payroll stakeholders, benefits administrators, employees, contractors, and financial advisor and accounting partners.
Paychex is paving its way in this vertical.

SalesDesktop Enterprise, a tool bringing CRM data to, Microsoft Office Outlook.

SalesDesktop Enterprise, in its latest release improves productivity and it is customizable to match your environment including any custom objects and fields., soon #Retinknow, can also observe that iCRM’s newlyreleased SalesDesktop can allows agents to logs call with just one click, email all contacts of an account or opportunity and upload any files associated to an email directly into

Hub to collect, translate and route your customer data.

If we have henceforth unmatched opportunities to unlock revolutionary insights from social data,  through sophisticated BigData/Analytics technologies, organizations and enterprises also need to learn from these data and apply insights to build incredible products, services and technologies.
This means, a hub to collect, translate and route customer data, should be flexible, scalable, fast, secure, intuitive and unified where, you can visualize data, see inter alia how people use your product and identify trends.
Tools and technologies likely to help you drive new visitors to your product and attribute campaigns ; nurture leads, activate signups, create campaigns and newsletters; Analyze revenue, optimize and push customers ; Manage relationships, qualify leads and run outbound campaigns ; Offer timely support and identify recurring issues are recommended by, soon #Retinknow.

Data Privacy in our data-driven world: stakes, trends and recommendations.

Sensing technologies, smart devices, wearable technologies, cloud technologies, social platforms and Big Data/Analytics technologies henceforth generate in real critical data you need, when it comes to improve your productivity, living conditions and health conditions, improve your security and more.
But the real challenges are related on how industries are transparent and accountable when collecting and using consumer data.
This means that, technology leaders and organizations have to assume responsibility for establishing transparent business practices, designing privacy-enhancing technologies, and encouraging legislation that helps instill trust.
People need better security, therefore technology leaders and organizations should establish accountability in all aspects of the business, from producing products to instilling practices and trainings within the organization that deliver the appropriate level of security and privacy. 
Systems that allow confident use and analysis of personal …

Mobility and Big Data/Analytics in our digital world: trends and stakes

Despite, lack of skilled IT professionals,, soon #Retinknow is proud to observe a growing pace and pattern of adoption for the new ITConvergence and the increasing awareness of IT security threats.
It is also exciting to observe that Mobility and Big Data/Analytics will be the two IT forces having the most decisive impact on people and enterprises over the coming years. 
It is clear that, the adoption of mobility will help most in improving workforce productivity and flexibility, and will become a major factor in gaining competitive advantage, anywhere.