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Roku All-New Streaming Player Line Up

At the core of stakes, we have:1080p HD streaming; HD and 4K at 60 fps including the ‘Roku Premiere,’ ‘Roku Premiere+’ with HDR and the ‘Roku Ultra’. The new Roku Express aims to offer a fast and complete experience with 1080p HD streaming for $29.99 MSRP. 
The Roku Premiere+ also supports HDR for vibrant picture quality and includes a point anywhere remote with a headphone jack for private listening. 
Roku Ultra for an ideal streaming experience also includes support for HDR, Dolby Digital Plus decode, voice search and lost remote finder.

Windows Server Containers+ Docker Datacenter for IT Pros

Now, Docker and Microsoft will jointly promote DockerDatacenter, with the primary goal to enable IT Pros to better secure the Windows software supply chain and manage containerized Windows workloads, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.
For those who are unfamiliar, Docker Datacenter delivers an integrated platform for developers and IT to collaborate, bringing improved security, policy and controls to the application lifecycle without sacrificing agility or application portability.
Henceforth, with Windows Server Containers and Docker Datacenter, IT Pros have the enterprise ready management they need to bring legacy applications to a modern application platform.

Docker +Microsoft to Drive Adoption of Containerized Applications in the Enterprise

At the core of stakes, we have: Docker Engine and Docker Datacenter Benefits to Windows Server users. We also have: building, shipping and running distributed applications. Help organizations manage heterogeneous environments of Windows and Linux workloads, running in both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure, such as Microsoft Azure. In effect, Dockerand Microsoft will enable enterprises to modernize their application environments and create hybrid Windows applications using Commercially Supported Docker Engine (CS Docker Engine) and Docker Datacenter with Windows Server 2016.
Both companies are deepening their commitment to creating an open platform, bringing together Windows Server and Linux to help developers and IT professionals deliver new levels of innovation.

Here is how Handset-based indoor location technologies are crucial for retailers

The days of loyalty cards and paper coupons are ending; so that retailers need to take control of the digitization of their stores and learn to put technologies like indoor location to work.
Handset-based indoor location technologies allow retailersto measure marketing campaign performance, streamline in-store processes, create new advertising revenue streams, and most importantly, use mobile to improve the overall shopping experience by removing frictions and creating “shock and awe” moments.
The technology creates opportunity for retailers to scale their stores across a chain and engage with far more customers.

Dassault Systèmes “Perfect Order” for Mining companies looking to experience the digital transformation

At the core of stakes, we have: operational stability, enterprise agility and improved business performance; more visibility, control and predictability across operations. 
In effect, the launch of “PerfectOrder,” an industry solution experience for natural resources can help mining companies improve supply chain efficiency and profitability. “Perfect Order” offers digital end-to-end supply chain management capabilities for more visibility, control and predictability across operations.

Key realities fueling software programs that aim at facilitating day-to-day school activities

For those who are unfamiliar, software programs that aim at facilitating day-to-day school activities help in automating various administrative workflows related to crucial activities in school. They include student assessment, curriculum management, textbook tracking, finance, and recruitment of teachers and staff. 

These software programs simplify data collection and management and offer a platform for data analysis.

The dynamics behind strong platform for smart learning

Internet technologies and the advent of e-learning solutions have changed the way institutions provide education.
The growing adoption of software such as LMS, LCMS, and SIS in educational institutions has created a strong platform for smart learning
In effect, the use of such advanced software, and interactive and visual content has simplified knowledge dissemination, allowing teachers to focus more on the performance of students.

Transition from hardbound and print books to digital books

Content flexibility, accessibility, and greater scope for interactive content like multimedia enabled by digital educational platforms are at the core of stakes.
In effect, it is exciting to see that, the content industry in the digital atmosphere is driven by the sustainability of the digital publishing model and advances in technological capabilities. Faculty and students are transitioning from hardbound and print books to digital books because of content flexibility, accessibility, and greater scope for interactive content like multimedia enabled by digital educational platforms. 
The emergence of e-readers and tablets in various price ranges, followed by the commoditization of smartphones, has enhanced the platform for digital educational publishing.

Software Learning analytics and assessment tools in the Smart Education Software Market

Streamlined Intervention policies and corrective measures to increase student intake, as well as student retention are at the core of stakes. 
In effect, it is exciting to see that, globally, the education industry is using analytics to determine ways to improve the quality of education and enhance the performance of students and improve administrative activities at schools. Universities are applying various analytical tools to analyze data while drawing out patterns and trends to understand critical phenomena, such as student dropout rates. Inputs extracted can be used to take data-backed informed decisions in every phase of the educational processes. 
Software such as learning analytics and assessment tools acts as a data source, which collects and provides raw data to be analyzed.

Virtual reality, real-time gaming, and live video streaming into moving vehicles

Emergingtechnologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are disrupting the Automotive Industry. Many use cases are envisioned, as others are under developments.
For instance, Automotive OEMs are experimenting with wireless communication to bring in high-speed Internet to moving vehicles to support use cases such as virtual reality, real-ti The software-defined satellite antenna equipped with satellite communication will handle humongous data exchange, global coverage, and data security. 
Steadily, it is clear that, the influence of satellite communication and its potential in the automotive industry is real and the current and future outlook of satellite communication in the automotive industry is interesting. 
Cellular communication systems (2G, 3G, 4G) face issues in terms of speed, coverage, security and 5G will be a game changer.