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Awesome and powerful traits and dynamics within Google Cloud Platform

Exciting to see that, more and more developers, startups and companies large and small are discovering and enjoying in real-time and anywhere the benefits of a different kind of cloud. Cloud has gone from being the untrusted option to being seen as a more secure option for many companies.
Therefore, for many among you, the cloud computing means no longer having to think about data centers, servers, storage and networking; scalability, flexibility, agility and performance. With Google Cloud Platform you can experience, discover, enjoy, leverage and learn that: Security and data protection are at the core of the stakes (you can see a couple of them in this 360 degree data center tour). Google builds its own hardware and monitoring systems. Google servers don’t include unnecessary components such as video cards, chipsets or peripheral connectors, which can introduce vulnerabilities. Google is Using machine learning to optimize data center operations; in terms of energy, the company is commi…