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Linux gaming: a step forward with the release of the Alienware X51 gaming desktop with Ubuntu OS.

Available for customers in the United States, Alienware X51 customers can choose either Windows or Ubuntu to when buying a new X51. The gaming experience that it provides includes: An interface with a stunning and stylish approach that is easy to learn, the operating system loads quickly and can handle multiple programs at the same time. We have the option to split the screen into multiple work areas. The OS also comes with a software center to download free open

Game on Android: Rayman Jungle Run updated in version 2.0.7.

Ready to jump, run, slide and to challenge, this game aims to be easy for all ages. It includes:amazing graphics, now new worlds to discover, new powers to unlock, stunning music, more or less smooth touch-based controls and some wallpapers to unlock for your device. The new version 2.0.7 now includes Globox and 2 new costumes for Rayman in a single in-app purchase, supports now: LG L3, LG L5, LG L7 and HTC Desire HD. And finally the issue where the

Achat en ligne : Femmes VS Hommes enjeux et réalités via cette infographie.

Les données publiées dans cette infographie de surprendraient peut être quelques uns parmi vous : un homme dépenserait environ135 euros en moyenne, soit 40 euros de plus que les femmes en ce qui concerne les achats en ligne.
Cette infographie nous apprend également que certes les femmes y

Learn how OpenStack and other open cloud tools can be accessed via Ubuntu Server.

Released by Cononical, this white paper aims to explain how OpenStack and other open cloud tools can be accessed via Ubuntu Server. It also includes the technical reasons why Canonical think this represents the best route to the cloud: Cut through complexity in creating a public cloud infrastructureBuild ‘’efficient’’ public or private cloud infrastructure

Gestion du cycle de vie des applications sur mobile : enjeux et acteurs.

Soutenue par la croissance exponentielle des usages du mobile dans le monde, et notamment dans les pays en émergence, la tendance BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) qui veut que le mobile soit en même temps un outil privée et professionnel, fait son

The Audi Motorrad: to compete BMW Motorrad .

Designed by Thibault Devauze, in collaboration with his brother Marc Devauze and modeler Clement Couvreur, the Audi Motorrad, includes: a Ducati-derived 850cc, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic 2-cylinder engine coupled with a double clutch

Google is upgrading the look and the feel of Google Places for Business.

Since April 3, 2013 it is henceforth official, Google Places for Business accommodates progressively the upgrade, to help you update your business information via a widget.

Infographic: Internet Users in the emerging/developing markets: stakes and Realities.

It is clear that Internet growth is taking place in the emerging/developing markets. Mobiles, smartphones and tablets are driving this growth in Asia and Africa for example. According to this Infographic, between 2000 and 2012, internet users grew from 361 million to over 2.4 billion, an increase of 556% (most of this growth occurred in