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Funding in digital landscape this week: February 9 to February 14/2014.

Beyond the size of amount, this week is particularly seduced by the resurgence and comeback of the seed funding. Nearly $8 million have been generated. Alibabahas been more aggressive in Private Equity, by investing nearly $590M in Meizu, an 11-year-old Chinese phone-maker.
Overall, has captured nearly $1.46 Billion from the investors and BessemerVenture Partners has improved its portfolio. These investors have been more active in Series A and B. Below the entire market: Shopline (raised $1.2M / Seed), allows non-tech-savvy merchants in Asia to launch beautiful, self-branded, web and mobile online shops in minutes. Shopline is immediately focused on Hong Kong and Taiwan and plans to expand its presence into Southeast Asia this year. Alice (raised $3.0M / Seed) is a platform that allows hoteliers to provide mobile services to their guests. Founded in 2012, Alice recently launched its app in New York and will put the funds toward expanding to Berlin in …