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Using Big Data Analytics to Cut Cybersecurity Breaches

The inability to fully analyze data within an enterprise is now a great problem; as we live in an ever-connected digital world where internal and external cybersecurity threats will continue to evolve daily, and attack will be increasingly sophisticated. 
Therefore, organizations of all sizes need complete visibility into the data across their enterprise. IT teams need the ability to flexibly analyze that data in a meaningful timeframe so they can detect advanced threats quickly, identify the impact and reduce the associated risk.
MeriTalk new report titledNavigating the Cybersecurity Equation” underwritten by Cloudera, reveals that 81 percent of Feds say their agency is using big data analytics for cybersecurity in some capacity ; 53 percent are using it as a part of their overall cybersecurity strategy and 28 percent are using it in a limited capacity.
However, one can also observe that, breaches continue to afflict agencies with 59 percent of Feds reporting their agency deals with a…

Optimal storage performance to cost-effectively build a private cloud

IntelliFlash Cloud Platform(CP) is now there with optimized, cost-effective private clouds, a strong combination of performance, capacity and economics at the core of stakes. According to Tegile Systems, IntelliFlash Cloud Platform (CP) is a rack scale all-flash platform designed for Fortune 1000 enterprise companies looking to achieve both the cost benefits of cloud architectures and the reliability and control of on-premises storage solutions.

Stimwave’s Wireless Pain Relief® technology to relieve more than 400 million people worldwide

At the core of stakes with this Miniature Implantable Device, we have: drug overdose, pain medication, millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, relief from the pain, opioid addiction and more.
In effect, Stimwave’s Drug-Free Wireless Pain Relief Neurostimulator is billed as a new hope to the more than 400 million people worldwide who suffer from chronic pain. 
It is clear that, Stimwave’s Wireless Pain Relief® technology is not only a viable option to help millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, but a potential life-saver as many countries like the U.S. faces an epidemic of opioid addiction that in many cases is an unavoidable side effect of long-term use of addictive pain medication.

New IT technology paradigms, such as cloud and DevOps in Public Sector IT

It is now clear that, in our ever-connected digital world where data is at the core of powerful and game-changer stakes, organizations should invest in technologies that give them a holistic view and insights into their IT operations environments.
While, the combination of increased complexity, limited resources and continued use of manual processes is making it difficult for public sector organizations to gain valuable insights from their IT data and achieve greater visibility into systems, IT decision makers and influencers should reverse the situation. 
Streamlined view and insights into their IT operations environments are a game-changer. 
The results of a new survey from Clarus Research Group revealed that, despite rapid adoption of new technologies to improve operations, half of public sector IT professionals (51 percent) feel new IT technology paradigms, such as cloud and DevOps, are adding complexity to their organization rather than simplifying operations. 
The survey, which was …

The client and enterprise storage ecosystem NAND / SSD

In our data-driven age, there are lots of excitements in storage ecosystem in terms of adoption, innovation and business opportunities, to name a few.
TRENDFOCUS has released its latest NAND/SSD Quarterly update. One can observe that, in this report, covering CQ2 ’16 results and the revised long-term forecast, all segments, both client and enterprise, saw another quarter where SSDs posted solid growth. 
According to its findings, in the enterprise SSD market, all interfaces expanded, reaching 4.068 million units for the quarter, an increase of 10% Q-Q. Each interface is finding success in differing market segments.
For SATA SSDs, hyperscale and cloud customers continue to take high volumes of the interface, helping to drive CQ2 shipments of 3.2 million units, or 80% of all enterprise SSDs. SAS SSDs showed some growth, 5.4% Q-Q, while exabytes shipped for SAS SSDs jumped drastically. PCIe SSDs topped the 200,000 unit mark, with multiple form factors seeing growth, including M.2 and U.2. 

Cloud, mobility, Big Data, AI, IoT, and data analytics fueling the worldwide revenues for IT products and services

Overall, beyond a set of realities related to the economic slowdown in certain regions across the world, the worldwide revenues for information technology products and services are on an interesting curve. 
Emerging technologies including, IoT, IIoT, AI, Cloud, mobility, and Big Data and data analytics are drawing huge excitements.
Governments are promoting streamlined programs to encourage the adoption of these emerging technologies which bring enhanced productivity, performance, security, flexibility and seamless within companies and organizations of all sizes.
Big companies in financial services and manufacturing, healthcare, Telecommunications continue to invest in IoT, IIoT, AI, Cloud, mobility, and Big Data and data analytics.
According to IDC, worldwide revenues for information technology products and services will grow from nearly $2.4 trillion in 2016 to more than $2.7 trillion in 2020; representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3% for the 2015-2020 forecast period.