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Unlock the untapped value of Big Data with scalable predictive analytics to address every use case.

Accelerate processing performance and extend power of predictive analytics to much larger community, remains a great challenge progressively overcome. 

HP Haven Predictive Analytics, (large-scale machine learning and statistical analysis), aims to provide organizations with much deeper insights and understanding into today’s rapidly evolving data volumes.
The new release brings exciting components and capabilities, including: Distributed R: analytical engine based on the open source R language ;Data acceleration and native SQL support with HP Vertica ;Out-of-the-box-algorithms: to produce accurate and consistent results with mature standard R recalls that, HP Haven Predictive Analytics is free open-source software and the optional support offering is priced per node up to 5 nodes.

Accelerate transition to the cloud and modernization of applications.

Cloud-based services and solutions, technologies and apps and modernized apps are the next frontier for productivity, agility, flexibility, scalability and cost savings.
Meaning that, global, end-to-end service capabilities that give you greater choice, seamless, agility, flexibility and cost savings, are always welcome. is proud to observe that growing number of enterprises and organizations are now aware of these profitable opportunities, adopting inter alia as-a-service-based platforms to speed development of cloud-based applications. 
Partnering with IBM to offer Bluemix, CSC can help you transition faster to public and private clouds while modernizing your applications to drive business innovation.

SDN Networking to Create Services That Are Fast and Easy to Manage.

The main challenges related to Cloud-based Services are quite known. From efficiency, via security, to the performance, providers are always invited to find a balance. encourages the new rapprochement between Sonus Networks, Inc., and Compass Networks, to help operators worldwide to improve productivity of new Cloud-based services through the Sonus Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) IQ Platform and the Compass Networks software-defined networking (SDN) Forwarding Platform . The unlimited potential of SDN networks is exciting; therefore it is critical to enabling services providers (mobile, landline, Cloud) to provide new services quicker and easier, while offering the best ROI in an all-IP network.

3D files: all Sketchfab users can use Physically Based Rendering (PBR) on their models

Image recalls that henceforth ALL Sketchfab users can use PBR on their models and achieve a level of realism that was previously hard or even impossible to achieve in web-based 3D graphics. 

Sketchfab recommends you, to first read Allegorithmic’s excellent Comprehensive PBR Guides and Marmoset’s PBR in Practice to get a deeper understanding of the differences with ‘traditional’ shading. 

PBR Fiat Punto GT by KMiklas on Sketchfab