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Skype for windows Phone 8 Preview in version 2.4 has accommodates new update: quality & reliability.

RapidShare puts an end to the unlimited free party as of April 3 2013: stakes and process.

Musique en ligne : Deezer, nouvelle expérience utilisateurs et récompense des développeurs.

Gmail Android app new update: to save time on the actions you use most often.

Blueseed : un incubateur compétitif de start-up sur un bateau géant, au large de San Francisco.

The 2035 ZAIRE Concept Car: to aid the photography team from National Geographic in Africa.

Un gel vaginal contre la transmission du SIDA : enjeux et réalités.

Facebook for iOS has accommodated a new update via version 5.6

The Telepathy One: a finely crafted, superior quality micro-projection unit.

The Bell Sound speakers: an unconventional twist on home audio

Breathometer: to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) via your iPhone