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New in the Mellanox HPC-X™ Scalable Framework, targeted for data centric and HPC applications

The performance drives key excitements to observe that, the Mellanox HPC-X™ Scalable Framework, targeted for data centric and HPC applications, is extending its support for In-Network Computing which aims to dramatically increase HPC application performance.  For those who are unfamiliar, the Mellanox HPC-X Scalable Framework is a comprehensive software suite that includes the Message Passing Interface (MPI), Shared Memory (SHMEM) and Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) communications libraries for high-performance computing environments, and can provide enhancements to significantly increase the scalability and performance of message communications in the network.

The availability of React Mobile Safety Platform for the safety of employees or private community

Corporate security professionals, incidents, shorten response times, document events, alert management, improved situational awareness and greater visibility during critical events are at the core of stakes. 
For those who are unfamiliar, the React Dispatch Console is a software solution designed exclusively for companies, universities, or other professional organizations responsible for the safety of their employees or private community. 
Corporate customers using Dispatch solution henceforth can provide their people with an additional layer of security beyond their personal network of emergency contacts.
The React Dispatch Console combines alert management, computer aided dispatch, and incident reporting in one central application for improved situational awareness and faster response times. GPS-enabled maps allow safety personnel to visualize where incidents are occurring in real-time, enabling quicker response and greater visibility during critical events.
Once incidents have been ide…

VMware and IBM on Desktop Services

Steadily, many companies are turning to the cloud to remain competitive. Realities related to flexibility, agility, productivity, costs and performance are the core of stakes. 
For those who are unfamiliar, VMware Horizon Air cloud services delivers full Windows desktops or published applications to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
These services running on the IBM Cloud, can give you the flexibility to access critical apps and data from any device, anywhere, at anytime.

IBM + Apple Pay on the Web

Bit by bit, Apple Pay is charting its way within the payment industry with Security and Privacy is at the core of stakes.
IBM taps into this trend by offering Apple Pay on the web to those who use IBM’s WebSphere Commerce or IBM Commerce on Cloud; bringing easy, secure and private payments in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac with a single touch.
Users can complete purchases without having to waste time looking for credit cards or putting their most private information at risk.

IBM Advances Developer Skills and Careers for the Cognitive Era in India

The lack of skills in the IT industry is an acute concern that necessitates streamlined tools and technologies.
IBM multiplies a set of initiatives to help developers meet modern requirements and realities. Among these initiatives, its new global programs and tools designed to propel developers’ skills and advance their careers around cloud and emerging technologies, such as cognitive and IoT.
With a focus in India expected to become the world’s largest developer ecosystem by 2018, these initiatives include collaborations with Coursera and GitHub. It is about: A collaboration with Coursera to strengthen developers’ skills in India with new courses focused on cloud and IoTdeveloperWorks Career Concierge, a cognitive learning tool that delivers personalized resources to advance developers’ skillsThe general availability of GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix Dedicated, the first collaborative coding platform delivered as a managed serviceNew cloud tools for Swift …