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SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition in our cloud-driven age.

When it comes to the cloud computing, beyond requirements related to security and privacy, the performance and high availability are the game changer and indispensable for business critical applications anywhere and anytime. 
Downtime, lack of performance and measure of disaster protection are the real threats that, enterprises are able to cope with nowadays.
So salutes the engineering behind SIOS DataKeeperCluster Edition, when it comes to provide high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) of critical data on business critical applications in Amazon Web Services cloud environments. 
With SIOS SANLess clustering software, enterprises can use traditional Windows Server Failover Clustering to provide high availability and disaster recovery protection for SQL Server and other enterprise applications in the cloud.
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Thirteen updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows.

Image recalls that Microsoft has released thirteen updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. Some of these vulnerabilities could allow elevation of privilege, denial of service, remote code execution, information disclosure, or security feature bypass.
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review Microsoft Security Bulletins MS15-043 - MS15-055 and apply the necessary updates.

Asia: Notable funding captured by the Internet-based services and technological startups last week.

Investors mostly from USA are more and more careful, preferring established models copied from West that suit very well with the local realities. This practice that ignores the R&D and innovation, keeps Asia, more depending from West in terms of technologies and leadership.
Tuniu (China), a Travel and tourism booking service has raised $500 million funding round led by JD, followed by Hony Capital, DCM Ventures, Ctrip, Temasek Holdings, and Sequoia Capital.
DJI (China), a Consumer drone manufacturer has raised $75 million funding round from Accel Partners.
Aiwujiujiu (China), a Rental and second-hand home listing portal has raised $120 million series D round from GGV Capital, MorningSide Ventures, Shunwei Capital, and Banyan Capital.
Vedantu (India), a live online tutoring tool has raised $5 million series A round from Accel Partners and Tiger Global.
Toppr (India), an Edutech firm for engineering and medical entrance exams ahs raised $10 million series B round led by SAIF Partners, He…

Tailored marketing capabilities according to IBM and Facebook

In our mobile-driven age, customization is a game changer when it comes to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. 
The combination of Facebook’s ad technologies with IBM's Journey Analytics, steps into this way. 
Henceforth, IBM and Facebook work together to ensure thatIBM’s marketing cloud clients can utilize Facebook’s ad capabilities such as Custom Audiences, along with IBM’s deep analytics and design features, to create ‘meaningful’ experiences for their customers across applications and devices.

Making apps secure, integrated and easy to manage

At, we also work in real-time to help you understand the value of open standards when it comes to increase velocity around mobile innovation and closing skills gaps by simplifying and accelerating app production and delivery without having to compromise between speed and quality.
The new agreement between IBM and Ionic to combine drag-and-drop app design capabilities with the IBM MobileFirstPlatform is encouraging, as it fosters inter alia: strong collaboration between business leaders and developer teams.

Interface technologies and applications for mobile devices in our mobile-driven world.

Touchscreens has revolutionized our digital experiences; this technology available on mobile devices since the emergence of smartphones, brings an intuitive experience that contributes in real-time to the expansion of our mobile-driven age.
It is clear that, as the primary user interface technology for mobile devices, from single-point touch to multi-touch gestures, Touchscreens will remain the primary interface in smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. 
Voice recognition and Speech recognition technologies (Virtual digital assistants (VDAs), hands-free use, and always-on interfaces and more), will shake up this segment. According to a new report from Tractica, different emerging interface technologies will reach the following attach rates in mobile devices by 2020: Speech Recognition: 82% Localized Haptics: 45% Gesture Recognition: 37% Voice Recognition: 36% Touchless/3D Touch: 28% Eye Tracking: 18% Interface technologies and applications are analyzed in depth, and the report also in…