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Showing posts from April 26, 2016

Enterprise-Wide Big Data Governance and Control on Hadoop and Spark

Hadoop is henceforth at core of stakes within the Bigdata industry. This momentum requires streamlined comprehensive, enterprise-class data governance and control.
In fact it is indispensable to allow Organizations to maintain data integrity and governance as Data volume and access increase. Talend Integrates now with Cloudera Navigator to Enable Enterprise-Wide Big Data Governance and Control on Hadoop and Spark.
One can then recall that, Talend’s integration with Cloudera Navigator can enable companies and organizations to monitor, audit and understand data access on Apache Hadoop just as they do on traditional data warehouses, without compromising agility.

MapR on its Free Stream Processing On-Demand Training for Real-time Analytics and IoT Applications

Free on-demand training courses that focus on data-in-motion for real-time analytics and IoT applications are a game-changer in our data-driven world; like professional training on critical big data technologies like Kafka and MapR Streams to both development and IT operations teams. Henceforth, MapR Technologies, Inc., is offering stream processing training via MapR Academy’s free On-Demand Training program. 
The new training can enable Apache Kafka developers to extend their real-time analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Developers can also benefit with MapR Streams that provides Kafka-compatibility, integrated security and multi-data center support as an integrated component of the MapR Converged Data Platform.

IBM within Data-centric high performance computing system

We live henceforth in a data-driven age where there is a pressing need for data-driven predictive modeling to help re-envision traditional computing models; where
The explosion of data requires streamlined systems and infrastructures that can inter alia stream and manage the data and quickly synthesize and make sense of data to enable faster insights.
The University of Michigan is collaborating with IBM to develop and deliver “data-centric” supercomputing systems designed to increase the pace of scientific discovery in fields as diverse as aircraft and rocket engine design, cardiovascular disease treatment, materials physics, climate modeling and cosmology.
The system is designed to enable high performance computing applications for physics to interact, in real time, with big data in order to improve scientists’ ability to make quantitative predictions.
In fact, working with IBM, U-M researchers have designed a computing resource called ConFlux to enable high performance computing cluste…

Enterprise platform to help enterprise cloud operators better ingest OpenStack clouds

OpenStack is henceforth at the core the Cloud industry where Enterprise users see OpenStack as an integration engine for new compute, storage and networking technologies.
On this momentum, the Solinea Goldstone Enterprise platform can help enterprise cloud operators better manage the workloads migrating to their production OpenStack clouds.
The platform has not tied to a specific OpenStack distribution or architectural opinion and leverages the open source Goldstone project. 
One can also observe that, Solinea Goldstone Enterprise can provide purpose-built monitoring and resource control for OpenStack private clouds based on the Kilo and Liberty editions of the software. 
Billed as a resource optimization platform for enterprise operators of OpenStack private and hybrid clouds, three main categories of features are available: 1. Resource Optimization Capabilities 2. Audit and Visualization Features 3. Monitoring and Alerting Tools.