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Facebook vulnerability: delete photos without user interaction.

Hours ago, that was possible via the support dashboard, a portal designed to help users track the progress of the reports sent to the social network.
Revealed by Arul Kumar an Indian ethical hacker and rewarded with a $12,500 bounty for this critical vulnerability that allowed anyone to delete photos without user interaction. Connectikpeople has discovered that the 21-year-old Arul Kumar

Information Assurance (IA) and Software Assurance (SA) needs for Department of Defense: Guardtime Guardtime KSI Active IntegrityTM.

It is official since this morning, Guardtime USA and Modern TechnologySolutions Inc. (MTSI), today announced two KSITM product offerings, which address urgent Information Assurance (IA) and Software Assurance (SA) needs for Department of Defense, Intelligence Community (DoD/IC), and FedRAMP Cloud

PirateBrowser semble avoir dépassé les 500 000 téléchargements : enjeux et opportunité.

Connaisez-vous PirateBrowser ou l’utilisez-vous déjà ? quoi qu’il en soit, c’est la tendance l’heur, chacun y va soit pour marquer sa résignation par rapport aux activités d’espionnage de la NSA, soit pour essayer de préserver son intimité sur internet. PirateBrowser a moins de 16 jours d’existence, et il fait fureur. C’est un navigateur Internet qui se présente comme ‘’anticensure’’

Siemens has developed a “multi-touch table” for intuitively monitoring rail traffic at a glance.

With the goal to make the results derived by a computer available to all members of a decisionmaking team, Siemens has developed the “multi-touch table,” with touch screen technology. Introduced at the Innotrans trade show in Berlin in 2012, the device provides multiple persons with a shared, interactive interface for access to all information that is relevant for real-time rail

The Highway Africa Conference 2013: to look at how mobile and the internet are changing the way journalist gather and distribute news.

Introduced, 17 years ago, The Highway Africa Conference aims to bring together hundreds of journalists, editors and other media stakeholders from across the continent. Over the years, Connectikpeople has observed that, the event has grown from 65 delegates when it launched, to attracting over 600 media

Acer has unveiled a 24-inch All-in-One Android-based desktop packing a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Following the release of its Acer Liquid S2, the first smartphone to offer 4K videorecording, , henceforth with its new DA241HL with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, Acer aims to offer something more or less different , compared with what we have on the market.Connectikpeople has observed that, the DA241HL comes with access to the Google Play Store and can offer a

Acer Liquid S2 is the first smartphone to offer 4K video recording.

Pending the release of Galaxy Note 3 or others, Acer is the first company to officially announce an Android smartphone with 4K

Orange Group: Vincent Benoît, has left the Orange Group: stakes and opportunity.

Pending to discover the real motivation of its resignation, Vincent Benoît, has left the Orange Group. He has been replaced by Arnaud Castille previously served as a Director in the M&A Department at the Vivendi Group, a position he took in 2012. It remain clear that, based on the recent financial results, Orange Group meets a lot difficulties to innovate and satisfy its shareholders and realize cutting-edge acquisition for its development.
Regarding the new appointed, Arnaud Castille, born in 1972, holds a Master's degree in corporate finance from Paris

Nokia Here se montre plus ambitieux que jamais via une présence dans les voitures.

L’internet des objets progressivement est au cœur de beaucoup d’innovations, de recherche et développement. Les acquisitions ou des rachats ne manquent pas pour observer que chaque véritable acteur du mobile ou d’internet veut sa part de gâteau dans ce marché qui s’annonce important. Nokia malgré sa position actuelle de faiblesse, est un pionner de la cartographie qui veut marquer de

Internet of Things: Avnet released an enhanced Wi-Go Module.

Progressively, we are going discover how Internet of Things could help us in our daily habits. Henceforth at Avnet, they have released an enhanced Wi-Go Module, bringing: enhanced smart phone modeling and integrated cloud computing support. Connectikpeople has also observed that, in support of the Wi-Go board, Avnet is offering five new capabilities videos. “The combination of Avnet’s Wi-Go module with Freescale’s

Here is Face Plus, a technology that brings facial animations to 3D characters with a simple webcam and the Unity editor.

With this new product in the market, developers can now enrich their games with emotional experiences without the high cost and complexity of existing facial animation solutions.
This means, capture their own facial expressions via standard

The Xbox Live Marketplace is henceforth the Xbox Game Store: Stakes and opportunity.

If no one waited this shift, it is clear that, with this new approach, Microsoft aims to render further popular, its platform. Because by integrating the word ‘’Game Store’’, the platform could be easily

Qualcomm’s Uplinq™ 2013 : Fortemedia will present its latest multi-microphone technology with voice tracking and voice zoom

The wearable gadgets, Smartphones and Tablets, represent the oil of 21 century in terms of opportunities, wealth, services and more, which are created everyday around these handsets. In this dynamic, Fortemedia Inc. , one of the leader in voice processing technology, announced that it will present and showcase its latest multi-microphone technology at Qualcomm’s Uplinq™ 2013 wireless ecosystem conference, which will be held Sept. 3-5, 2013 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. Connectikpeople may recall that, Uplinq as Qualcomm’s annual

LG Electronics announced the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet, with Full HD Display Tablet in 8-inch Class.

LG, each time does not fail to surprise us on its approach of innovation. Since yesterday, the Korean company announced its latest G Series lineup of premium mobile devices: the LG G Pad