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Here is the Huawei successful tests of Dual Carrier-High Speed Uplink Packet Access (DC-HSUPA) and more.

The stakes here turn around speeds and signal reliability. In this dynamic, Huawei announced that DC-HSUPA doubles upload data rates compared to single carrier HSUPA. This means, Dual Carrier-High Speed Uplink Packet Access (DC-HSUPA) and Dual Band-High Speed Downlink Packet Access (DB-HSDPA) technologies achieved respective peak rates of ‘’10.8 Mb/s upload and 39.6 Mb/s download’’.

Here is how Evernote builds its expansion via mobile carriers around the world: stakes and opportunities.

In this approach, Evernote aims to rejoin its potential users where they are. This means work closely with mobile carriers around the world to make Evernote Premium a part of the service they deliver to their customers.
In this dynamic, this company has launched last week its first mobile network partnership in the UK with O2, a brand of Telefonica UK. The opportunities here turns around 23 million customers who will be eligible to

Ce que Yahoo en Octobre 2013 !

Très englué dans la stratégie de rachats et de construction d’une présence mobile accrue, diversifiée et riche, Yahoo !, est devenu une entreprise de services logiciels grand public et bientôt devrait s’attaquer au segment entreprises. En attendant de voir le portail américain y faire ses premier pas, pour son troisième trimestre fiscal 2013, Connectikpeople a observé que le chiffre d'affaires du groupe a reculé de 5% sur un an.

Analog Devices Recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for Third Consecutive Year.

With this nomination, the challenges include: innovation patent volume, patent success rate, globalization and influence. Based on these key metrics and others,Analog Devices, Inc., a global leader in high-performance signal processing technology, for the third consecutive year, has been named as one of the world's most innovative companies according to the

Study: ‘’There are many trends simultaneously affecting the market for mobile device semiconductors’’.

The increasing demand of mobile devices leads a lot of mutations, transformations in terms of habits, specs, features and technologies embarked. According to ABI Research, there are many trends simultaneously affecting the market for mobile device semiconductors: two have been the shift towards multicore application processors and the addition of x86 and MIPS to what used to be purely an ARM play. Two newer trends are the addition of heterogeneous

Study: “Cisco, on the top of the femtocell revenue share leaderboard in 2Q13”

Market research firm InfoneticsResearch released excerpts from its 2nd quarter 2013 (2Q13) Residentialand Enterprise Femtocell Equipment report, which focuses on femtocells by market segment, technology, and