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Seamless access to the Airbus Defence and Space catalog of geospatial imagery.

Image is one of the most shared digital assets in our data-driven world., soon #Retinknow salutes the new collaboration agreement between Exelis and Airbus Defence and Space.
This new agreement focuses on productivity by offering users of ENVI® image analysis software, easy access to the worldwide Airbus Defence and Space archive. Henceforth ENVI users get the ability to discover needed data and preview images without leaving the ENVI environment. 
Current ENVI users will gain immediate access to the catalog via a downloadable plug-in now available at 
ENVI users can then use the data in hundreds of ENVI routines including change detection, feature extraction, target detection and much more.

A new model for enterprise data storage: stakes, trends and recommendations.

We live henceforth in a digital world where data is our most critical asset, in terms of services, security, intelligence, business, knowledge and competition.
It is more and more exciting to observe that advances in cloud computing, analytics, mobile technologies, social platforms and security technologies continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.
This new reality helps organizations better uncover, understand and harness their data for greater business insights; make real-time decisions based on the data available to their organization and to collect near-time insights and drive strategic business decisions.
In this context, a new model for enterprise data storage should be flexible, secure, scalable, agile and optimized for interoperability across hardware and software solutions., soon #Retinknow recommends organizations to choose the environment that fits their needs, whether that is an integrated hardware/software solution through, enterprise-class software on to…

A technological startup designed for Big Data in our data-driven world: realities, stakes and recommendations.

Henceforth empowered by the access to mobility, people and smart devices are generating more than ever an unmatched vast amount of data, anywhere and anytime. The stakes and challenges around and within this data are also unmatched, in terms of services, knowledge, applications and intelligence. 
Therefore, a technological startup designed for Big Data in our data-driven world with unmatched challenges, should master the implementation and adoption of Hadoop and DevOps.
This startup should be able to manage large repositories of Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured data. 
Its visualized and analytics ecosystem should be able take advantage of the many benefits that are inherent within Hadoop deployments. 
The platform provided by the startup should be able bypass the traditional ETL process and connect to data directly at the source. The ability to search through unstructured text, and utilize faceted search is welcome. Stream billions of records from a Native Data Source directly…

The end-to-end security configuration management in our complex security environment: trends and recommendations.

As you can imagine, in our complex security environment, defending mission critical systems, data and applications against potential threats requires henceforth a deep understanding of what is and is not ‘normal’ behavior.
This means security teams that collect large quantities of data for security intelligence, need: solutions based inter alia on high-fidelity asset visibility and deep endpoint intelligence combined with business-context. valuable insights from this data;app and technologies that make it easy to visualize the overall health of all enterprise endpoints monitored ;Judicious time to identify security violations on endpoints; Alerts on conditions that may indicate a security breach ; Security teams also need the ability to quickly identify, visualize, correct and report on the cybersecurity threats and risks that affect business critical assets.
Automated risk assessments and threat detection processes reduce detection and response times to threats. 
The end-to-end security …

A clear vision and strategy around real-time analytics: trends and recommendations.

In our mobile-driven world, professionals are more and more empowered with mobile access; they expect  business-grade applications, actionable contents, an immediate response to any interaction, at any time, and through their own preferred channel of communication. In this quest, the main purpose is productivity.
Therefore, at, soon #Retinknow, we consider that a clear vision and strategy around real-time analytics should be: 
Instantaneous, on-demand service without aberrations; real-time, actionable insights on critical transactions as they occur to take advantage of new opportunities.
It should also be: data analytic capabilities into a single, streamlined, end-to-end data system.  A real-time integration of analytics and critical processing to increase the value of every interaction.
The ability of businesses to use the insights in a timely manner; apply analytic tools to business transactions as they are occurring; social media into real time analytic analysis to ga…