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Classic series and hit TV shows from CBS Television to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service.

Henceforth since Feb. 13, 2013, CBS Corporation and, Inc. have announced an expanded content licensing agreement. The goal: to bring classic series and hit TV shows from CBS Television Distribution and Showtime Networks to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video

Adobe Releases Security Update for Adobe Flash Player: Process, Threats and Stakes for users.

Henceforth this new release available addresses multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities for example may allow an attacker to cause a denial-of-service condition or take control of the affected systems.

updates include:

W2ui: New open source JavaScript UI library: Stakes and Opportunities around anothers JavaScript UI library.

Available officially since February 9, 2013 w2ui is a wonderful work of Vitmalina.
W2ui is the new open source JavaScript UI library and is very nimble, about 37kb which means that the load and execution times will be very quickly.
In fact this JavaScript UI library is a complete set of UI widgets for data-driven web applications. Therefore it

Chakra Linux 2013.02 code-named "Benz" available: a code name that will follow the KDE 4.10 series.

Following the dream of Chakra-Project founder Jan Mette three year ago now to have Chakra continue as an independent distribution, henceforth his dream is real. In fact the latest release of Chakra Linux brings the recently released KDE 4.10 to the users of the Arch Linux based distribution. Chakra Linux 2013.02, code-named

Le nouveau VERTU Ti un smartphone Android à 7900 euros pas Véritablement Exceptionnel.

Le Vertu précédemment une propriété de Nokia avant de la vendre à un fond d’investissement, se veut une marque de Smartphone de luxe. Elle privilégie les services et les matériaux plutôt que la puissance interne. Développée sous Android pour des raisons d’open source, la nouvelle version VERTU Ti, côté design comme

Wonderful concepts from around the world: Smart Hanger for instant cleaning option.

This series aims to help you explore wonderful concepts from around the world. Now we talk about Smart Hanger.
Designed by Beom-Seok Lee, Dong-Il Kim, Wan-Il So and Ki-Won Song, the Smart Hanger is a portable garment care device shaped that doubles up as a drycleaner. According to the promoters, other than saving you a trip to a

New BlackBerry Z10 is now available in Ghana via Vodafone Ghana.

For those who unfamiliar, Vodafone Ghana is an operating company of Vodafone Group Plc and a total communications solutions provider of mobile fixed lines, internet, voice and data.
Henceforth users do not have to subscribe to the BlackBerry service before experiencing the full