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Turn Internet of Anything Data into Actionable Insights.

Our data-driven age is deeply nurtured henceforth by a set of datasets from machines, sensors, geo-location devices, social feeds, clickstreams, server logs and more.
This flow of data requires streamlined and holistic set of secure, flexible, scalable, seamless and agile solutions and paradigms when it comes to collect, manage, unlock, and find actionable value in this increasing volume of streaming IoAT data.
So, salutes the arrival of the new Hortonworks DataFlow powered by Apache NiFi that can securely and easily collect, conduct and curate any data, from anything, anywhere.

360 Mobile Security as all-in-one utility for malware protection, memory optimization and power saving.

The dynamic behind 360 Mobile Security as an all-in-one utility for malware protection, memory optimization and power saving has found its favorable echo around the world.
Henceforth users from emerging market including: India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and more are increasingly seduced and 360 Mobile Security gains popularity. According to App Annie Intelligence, in July 2015, 360 Mobile Security’s growth was driven by its performance in India and Indonesia. recalls that security report: Android Security Survey 2015 from 360 Mobile Security’s parent company, Qihoo 360 is also available.

Unified Communications at Redbooth in our digital age.

Productivity streamlined by flexible, secure, seamless and scalable tools, technologies and services are henceforth indispensable for each organization in our digital age. 
Seamless integration of real-time enterprise messaging, file sharing, powerful search, in-stream task management, high-definition video conferencing and quality voice, centralized into an intuitive virtual workspace are now at the hearth of productivity within organizations of all-sizes.
At Redbooth, (all-in-one workstream collaboration and communications platform), the new dynamic aims to make teams more productive and accountable.
Included in this momentum: the Beta launch of the company’s new desktop client applications for the Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems and last month’s announcement of Redbooth’s adding click-to-call voice connections and integrations with Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.

Video streaming apps in China.

With the power App Annie Intelligence, each month, also provides you Trends, critical data and intelligence among the leading apps across countries and categories. One of the most exciting trends in our digital age is the ramping up of the economy of entertainment where multifunction’s messaging apps, social media and streaming services ignite innovations and generate new revenues streams. 
On this momentum, according to App Annie Intelligence, video streaming apps in China have been in the midst of an impressive revenue growth cycle headlined by Youku, Baidu’s iQIYI and Tencent Video can observe that, in July 2015, iQIYI Video HD ranked among the top five iOS Entertainment apps in China by monthly active users, with the other four spots all held by apps from Youku and Tencent.

Understanding IT operations and resolving issues in dynamic Virtual environments.

Henceforth, there is a real conflict of notoriety between Virtual environments and cloud technologies and services.
Stakes and challenges related to performance, agility, security, productivity, flexibility and scalability are at the core interrogations. 
The fair reality is that, one can combine the forces of both paradigms when it comes to streamline IT operations.

Therefore, recalls that, understanding IT operations and resolving issues in dynamic Virtual environments, also means:
Implement Machine Learning-based IT Operations Analytics Platform,
maximize availability and efficiency of virtualized environments,
use advanced data analytics/big data approach and apply topological behavior analysis technology to a broad range of data sets, including application and infrastructure data from third party tools and frameworks,
recognize abnormal patterns of behavior and identify root causes of performance issues, earlier, faster and more accurately,
Ensure virtual environmen…