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Fresh Connect :New technologies with the aim of saving resources while trying to keep food fresh.

Designed by Whirlpool Global Consumer Design,the concept employs an entirely new approach to food conservation through a series of specialized accessories connected by a central cooling system with an online delivery service.
We discover that  the setup consists of a Central Cooling System teamed with accessories like Fruit Basket, Bread

Steam pour Ubuntu est désormais disponible en téléchargement pour les fans de jeux vidéo.

Passionné de jeux vidéo, la plate forme de divertissement Steam qui te permet de jouer, proposer et partager les jeux vidéo est désormais disponible en téléchargement depuis le 14 février 2013.

Video:Ubuntu to raise the bar on tablet design and sets a new standard for the post-PC era

Leveraging on a unique multitasking productivity, effortless navigation and defence-ready security, Ubuntu aims to raise the bar on tablet design and sets a new standard for the post-PC era: Bright. Brilliant.

New in Version 3.1 of IMDb for iOS: the world collection of movie, TV and celebrity info

for those who unfamiliar, with IMDb, you can find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos; rate your favorite movies and TV shows. So this mobile app aims to list every detail about every movie and TV show including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos,

The XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop with the full HD screen henceforth available.

Formerly known as Project Sputnik,, now offers to the customers the XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop in United States for $1,549. It also announced in other countries like UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway,

Circles: A new responsive WordPress Business Theme henceforth available.

Officially delivered in February 19, 2013 Circles, is designed for small to large size company’s websites. It includes responsive layout design that support for all kind of Internet based devices: iPhone, iPad, Tablets, BlackBerry and other devices as well. We also discover that the homepage

Blog D’entreprise : des Raisons pour prouver pourquoi les entreprises en Afrique en ont besoin maintenant.

La première source d’information reste et sera Internet, qu’il s’agisse du mobile comme du fixe.
La technologie d’organisation, de création et de diffusion rapide de contenus web qu’on appelle communément le blog est sur la voie de remplacer intégralement le site web classique tel qu’on l’a

Amazon Web Services Launches OpsWorks: for modeling, customizing, and automating applications.

Feb. 19, 2013, officially marks the launching of AWS OpsWorks, an application management solution for the complete lifecycle of complex applications.
 It includes: resource provisioning, configuration management, deployment, monitoring, and access control. We discover that, with a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, Amazon Web Service OpsWorks enables developers

A good blog: to builds credibility, attracts more visitors, develops your notoriety.

Kristina from AboutUs has published 12 reasons to prove why the companies need a blog. According to her, Blogging can be very powerful for businesses. ‘’A good blog builds credibility, attracts more visitors, helps your SEO and presence in social media’’.
Therefore here’s why she thinks you should seriously

Nouvelle édition 2013 du Google Summer of Code : Enjeux et Opportunités.

Rendu à la 9e édition le Google Summer of Code, est un programme dédié à la sensibilisation les étudiants des écoles et universités du monde entier au développement de logiciels open source.
Via ce programme les futurs développeurs ont la possibilité d’obtenir une bourse afin d’élaborer différents projets open.