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Our digital exciting perspectives and daunting trends this week.

Critical trends and perspectives related to 3D printing, clean energy, analytics, behavioral science, Bigdata, the cloud computing and enterprise communications have particularly shaken up the digital economy this week.
It is clear that, new fashion technologies are also on the horizon. 3D printing could lead us to a print-as-you-buy fashion economy, and data-driven platforms will transform our decision-making. Tesla’s Powerwall lithium-ion battery gives users the option to affordably disconnect from the grid. Some are now predicting that Powerwall could cause the cost of electricity to fall to 2 cents/kWh, essentially rendering new-build nuclear plants obsolete.
In the workplace, the proliferation of enterprise software can make it a daunting task just to pick a platform, and the C programming language due to its daunting security flaws is declining.

When it comes to behavioral science, Google has acquired of behavioral science tool Timeful. Reemo brings gesture shortcuts to smart appli…