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Digital Ad Industry with Fraud and Flaws in Internet Supply Chain

From Invalid Traffic, and Infringed Content to Malvertising-Related Activities, treats and attacks targeting the Digital Ad Industry are various and more and sophisticated.
The Digital Ad Industry is at risk if some basics are not implemented including: knowing supply chain partners and investigating new potential relationships using address information, tax IDs, and background checks.

According to the report, “What Is An Untrustworthy Supply Chain Costing the Digital Advertising Industry? , fraudulent impressions, infringed content and malvertising cost the U.S. digital marketing, advertising, and media industry $8.2 billion annually. also observes that, more than half the money wasted in the digital advertising ecosystem derives from “non-human traffic”: ‘fake advertising impressions that are neither generated by real advertisers nor received by actual consumers’.

Integrated, comprehensive data-discovery tool in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Image always recalls that, in our data-driven era, the real-time ability to allow access to advanced data discovery tools, simple self-service business analytics, comprehensive reporting, and intuitive dashboards in the cloud is a game changer; like streamlined access to relevant data and interactive visualizations that support business decisions. 
The addition of TARGIT Decision suite, a self-service BI tool to the virtual machine Azure Marketplace is an encouraging initiative that aims to deliver flexibility and choice to users looking to work with their data sources and systems via the cloud services in Azure.