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Converged data management platforms in our digital age.

Our digital experiences and lives are henceforth orchestrated and fueled by virtual machines; holistic containers; distributed architectures; streamlined frameworks, and DevOps infrastructures.
In this dynamic, converged data management platforms eliminate backup; integrate data protection, instant recovery, and DevOps infrastructure into a single fabric.
We live in a new paradigm where, we talk about Easy to Setup; Simple to Scale; Lower TCO; Dynamic Policies; Instant Search and more. 
In fact, VMs, applications, cloud technologies, storage, and files are at the core of stakes. 
For informational purpose only, recalls that Rubrik Converged Data Management is a distributed, indexed time machine that can scale to tens of thousands of nodes and provides an API-driven, open platform to support virtualization, applications, and cloud technologies.
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What matters, when it comes to Performance monitoring into the mobile age.

Our mobile experiences become a game-change in our digital age in terms of productivity, performance, flexibility and agility. 
Based on this critical reality, it is clear that, performance monitoring into the mobile age means inter alia that: Users have a great mobile experience; Shared services infrastructures are mastered; Gather actionable insights in real-time; Capture all aspects of mobile app performance including: frozen screens, long network requests, and out of memory crashes.
Performance monitoring into the mobile age also means: Faster troubleshooting; See critical user interactions;Measure key parts of your app; Eliminate Network Bottlenecks; Keep an eye on slow APIs, broken urls, bloated payloads, and more.
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Actionable insights for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN)

With the growing adoption of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN), encourages services providers to combine Identity Access Management, continuous network configuration scanning, add big data search and analytics technology to enable network and security operations teams to prevent, pin-point, and neutralize security threats. 
In fact, SDN and NFV introduce a new set of network security challenges and vulnerabilities that require inter alia: holistic approaches and collaboration applications to discover and compile service and network configuration templates.
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Critical and powerful insights to streamline your digital experiences.

As you experienced it each day and by minute, streamlines in real-time the journey to what matters most in our digital age; helping therefore, IT departments, students, people, decision-makers, politics and more to improve working and living conditions.
In this momentum, just remember that: The hybrid cloud presents a model that most businesses love: low costs associated with public cloud platforms plus the control of sensitive data on premises.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) has quickly become a best practice for all work done in the cloud.
Better-informed decisions start and end with leadership that is keen to promote the culture of data-driven decision making.
Companies use big data to learn more about their customers, henceforth they can learn about their competitors in real-time. 
Organizations can use geospatial data to fuel analytics when it comes to: dynamic insurance pricing, positioning emergency responders, drones, boosting food production, retail custome…