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Specific recommendations to mobile operators at the age of the new Telecom Convergence.

The new Telecom Convergence is irreversible. This is a path forward for mobile operators when it comes to generate extra revenue from existing and new customers; a key driver for monetization, optimization, new business models, to increase efficiency, and lower costs. Beside this reality,,  reminds that, mobile operators will benefit when opening up their networks through Telecom APIs.
In fact, it is obvious that, Telecom APIs can help operators build a sustainable growth; draw OTTs into a cooperative position, open new markets and to generate extra revenue from existing customers., ,talks about an innovative ecosystem that drives new business development, as mobile operators want and need to monetize in multiple ways. 
Therefore, one of the most effective monetization from APIs is to offer inter alia a variety of data plans and innovative services that will suit different subscribers, by an overall data plan and targeted bundles of service offerings.

Plateforme Cloud pour les applications de rendu d’effets 2D et 3D à destination des studios de création : ce que vaut Google.

La flexibilité, l’extensibilité, la richesse, l’agilité et la sécurité progressivement optimisée et sophistiquée des technologies du cloud computing, attirent et excitent de plus en plus les développeurs, les entrepreneurs, les entreprises et les organisations. On devrait plus se poser la question s’il faut aller ou pas !, le Cloud Computing est renté définitivement dans la nouvelle convergence IT et Télécoms. Il s’agit maintenant d’exploiter ses richesses, optimiser les acquis et innover là où il se doit. 
Les studios de création et de cinéma, ce sont bien habituées avec Zync est une startup, fondée en 2011 et qui propose une plateforme Cloud pour les applications de rendu d’effets 2D et 3D à destination des studios de création., bientôt #Retinknow®, rappelle que la technologie derrière Zync a entre autres servi pour les films American Hustle, Looper et Star Trek.
La puissance de cet outil n’a pas échappé à Google, qui compte définitivement l’intégrer (à la suite d’un …

Web-based network infrastructure monitoring tool: trends, stakes, recommendations and solutions.

Talking about, the web-based network infrastructure monitoring tools, technologies and methodologies in our digital-world, it is, highlighting, how the anticipation and security stakes are henceforth vital, when it comes to credibility, performance, competitiveness, privacy and reputation.
At, soon #Retinknow®, we are always eager to help companies, public sector and organizations across the world, to appropriate and understand this set of realities, with regard to their soft and relevant end-to-end digital transformation. Therefore, our recommendations remain quite clear, when it comes to web-based network infrastructure monitoring tool to protect inter alia, the physical security of fiber optic and copper cable networks. 
This means that, you need and should focus on a web-based network infrastructure monitoringtool that can provide and help the operator: ·Quickly knows the what, where, and when of a physical intrusion, ·Having all that information accessible through a…

Visibility and control over cloud apps: stakes, realities, recommendations and solutions.

Within the cloud computing industry, the SaaS( Software as a Service)'s architecture, continues and will continue to lead the momentum in terms of adoptions. Flexibility and scalability are the main drivers.
Aside from this excitement,, soon #Retinknow®, always recommends  automated-visibility and control over cloud apps. The stakes are crucial, in terms of: security, reputation, markets, performance and competitiveness.
In this dynamic,, soon #Retinknow® encourages companies, public sector and organizations to appropriate, tool and technology which can help them inter alia to:
Automate visibility and control over cloud apps,
Instantly assess authorized and unauthorized cloud app usage,
Generate an inventory of all SaaS applications and services along with risk information that enables IT staff to determine which apps need to be managed, blocked or actively monitored in order to mitigate security threats,
Identify which cloud apps are being used, …

Social media analysis technology: realities, trends, recommendations and solutions.

Among the new IT Convergence and the new Telecoms Convergence- enablers; the social media, play and will play a crucial role, when it comes to intelligence and communication, technological-innovation and commerce,  consumer insights and trends, opinions and more.
At  it is always exciting to observe in real-time that, each social channel has its own leading crowd and character, and the theme of each can differ periodically. 
This means, the ways people, share, communicate and behave through Facebook can differ from how they share, communicate and behave via Twitter and blogs.
Based on this reality, when it comes to social media analysis technology or a platform, recommends a flexible and scalable technology that can bring out inter alia: relevant insights with a broader perspective, and a more in-depth dataset.
Users of the social media analysis technologies  should focus on technologies that can:
Identify relevant social media conversations and provi…

A job posting platform, a sales prospecting startup, and a mobile messaging app based in India.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world. You can also fund your business. Datanyze,( Founded in 2012, a sales prospecting startup based in San Mateo), has raised $2 million in seed funding from a list of investors including IDG Ventures, Google Ventures, and Mark Cuban., soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, Datanyze provides salespeople and marketers with insights into what technologies are being used on company websites, and aims to become the primary lead generation solution for technology providers. Datanyze will use the new cash to back product development and expansion.
Hike, (Founded in 2012, a mobile messaging app based in India), has raised $65 million in new funding from Tiger Global with participation from BSB. Hike is the largest India-based mobile app, providing instant messaging services to some …