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Dell Enterprise Forum, June 4th-6th 2013: Top Ten ‘’Reasons’’ to attend.

During this Forum in San Jose California , Dell wants to showcase how ''amazing'' their Dell Servers, Networking, Services and Software are in addition to their ''amazing'' Storage. In addition, the event is billed as the top event for channel partners and customers to get some serious technical information, peer networking, best practices, and sneak peeks.  Therefore the ‘’Top’’ Ten ‘’Reasons’’ to attend Dell Enterprise Forum 2013 includes approaches like:

Asia accommodates new social nightlife app called Qlubbr .

Henceforth available to download on iTunes, this app will face competitors like: GoinOut app, and New York-based Buy Me a Drink.
The app focuses on gigs, festivals, and clubs. The goal here is to help users discover nightlife events in Singapore, but also in the early future in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Thailand.
According to Qlubbr co-founder Sherizan Sheikh the app was inspired by the success of Swedish-made Vamos, and specifies  that all the events within Qlubbr are approved by the team. Pending the launch of an Android version (June,

Important Notice for PC-BSD 9.1 32bit users: Stakes and Realities.

The team of PC-BSD announces that a number of PC-BSD 32bit users have reported problems booting their systems after applying the latest FreeBSD update patches. Therefore they have found the problem and now you can fix it manually following the directions below: If your system has run into this issue, and can no longer boot, you can fix it with the following steps:
1. Boot your 9.1-Release DVD / USB media to the installation screen

Nouveau sur : ‘’You might also like’’ pour te permettre de ne rein rater du monde numérique.

Vous êtes plus 11 millions par mois à utiliser, pour vous informer, prendre des décisions, anticiper l’avenir, innover, mettre en valeur vos différents technologies, services et applications en Afrique et dans le monde. Vous avez été près d’un million à nous écrire, pour nous demander d’introduire le

Technologie in-memory : entre Obstacles et Enjeux.

in-Memory, pour ceux qui le découvre, est une technologie de calcul en mémoire .C’est à dire que pour plus d’efficacité et de rendement les données sont stockées en mémoire sur des disques SSD ou de la RAM. C’est une approche utilisée de plus en plus dans les entreprises qui manipulent une masse importante de données. Cependant il demeure les obstacles notamment : le manque de standards, la complexité liée par exemple la supervision et

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent to download: Week ending April 07, 2013.

The data available in this chart are for informational and educational reference only. Not for encourage piracy.
In addition, all the movies in the list are BD/DVDrips unless stated otherwise. This week TorrentFreak have three newcomers in this chart: Gangster Squad is the most downloaded movie.

Guestpost: 10 Python ebooks which may help you to lean python easily

Collected  by Leets Tips , we have here 10 free ebooks for python which contains lots of exercises, practices,with the goal to help you  lean python .
1.A Byte of Python
A Byte of Python is a beginner’s book on Python by Swaroop C H. “If all you know about computers is how to save text files, then this is the book for you,” the site says.

Google play : un nouveau Design pour faciliter la Navigation et la découverte des contenus.

Un Google Play (boutique officielle d’applications pour Android) plus raffiné au service des internautes, s’est ce que laisse penser les premières fuites d’images disponibles sur le web. On y voit donc une application organisée autour de 06 principales thématiques : la musique, les livres, les applications, jeux, magazines et les films &TV. Sans doute il est jusqu’ici très difficile pour un internaute de se retrouver face à des

Code for America, in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs: stakes and opportunities.

Today Google for Entrepreneurs announces a new Incubator program, which will support Code for America fellows as they seek to turn their products into companies. The announcement indicates that the incubator will give selected CfA fellows a chance to turn their nascent products into

The Sshower for Roca, your exceptional experience of the bath: the bath 2.0

Designed by Marco Antonio Esquiró San, it includes sensors that can automatically detect when you are actually under the shower head, Bluetooth and Wifi ready. This shower will turn of the stream and replace it with steam until you are ready to rinse off. In addition you can also be informed as to the day’s weather, stock

Popular app AppGratis has been kicked out of the App Store: some explanations available.

For those who unfamiliar, AppGratis, up to yesterday, featured one free app per day on the App Store. Unfortunately Apple has decided to ban this app because of violations to multiple clauses related to App Store guidelines. Pending the respond of AppGratis, these violations may include: promoting other apps and the violation of a clause that prohibits