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Business intelligence/analytics market segment: the real value of QlikView.

Our first words are congrats QlikView. You have surpassed vendors such as Dimensional Insight and IBM Cognos. In fact, recalls that, with an overall score of 85.6, Qlik was the top rated vendor within the business intelligence/analytics market segment in the 2013 Best in KLAS report and scored above the market average in all categories. According to KLAS, this includes top rankings in sales and contracting, implementation and training, functionality and upgrades, as well as services and support. If unfamiliar, recalls that, KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard and to be

Capitalisation boursière : l’industrie numérique déclasse progressivement celle du pétrole avec Apple et Google en tête.

Internet à déjà 25 ans, très jeune mais très promoteur en termes de services, de contenus, de technologies et d’opportunités économiques. Les signaux de puissance projetés sont révélateurs de la toute puissante industrie du numérique en effervescence. Des contenus sur internet aux objets connectés l’industrie numérique est incomparable. Les success story comme Apple, Google, IBM, Oracle, Huawei, Alibaba, Facebook et autres en sont des illustrations. Pas étonnant de constater que le pétrole qui jusqu’ici générait plus de revenus et d’attractions de la part des investisseurs, que d’autres

Streaming cloud services and IT solutions in a cost-effective: the real value of Dell.

Hello! Dell, your approach of mobility has captured our attention by its ability to combine mobility, manageability and security. But this is not enough, continues to improve this offering by integrating unmatched flexibility, scalability, resilience and cost-effective options. Dear professionals, Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is available. This compact and mobile cloud-access device delivers desktop virtualization and personal cloud services to any

The Overall Western European hardcopy market increased year on year by 5.5% in 4Q13: stakes and opportunities.

The following countries are involved: United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Here is, the facts: The German market increased year on year by 2.7%. Inkjet markets in the fourth quarter showed growth of 7.0% but laser markets contracted 4.0%. The French market saw greater increases than in Germany with unit shipments increasing year on year by 8.6%. Both inkjet and laser markets increased by over 9%. In the fourth quarter of 2013 the U.K. market increased 13.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2012. Inkjet shipments increased 14.7% and in contrast to other countries business inkjets showed a decline. If the overall trend were lazier and flat, and despite the economic slump, it is obvious to note that, according to latest figures from International Data Corporation (IDC), the market increased 5.5% year on year to 6.94 million units, which is an increase of around 360,000 units compared with the same period in 2012. Meaning that, there are pockets of opportunities for many manufacturers and c…

Project managers, administrators and executives, peek in on the new SAP® Commercial Project Management application.

Dear professionals, if exists as a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations , this is for two major essential reasons: help you in real-time, to mitigating risks and take the best actions. In this dynamic, let us talk about solutions to your limited capability to track project risks from identification to resolution stage. Our objective in this approach is motivated by the necessity to help companies increase project profitability and

Global Virtual Private Network (VPN) services worldwide: the real value of MTN.

Let us say congrats to MTN. Sometimes is often very critic vis-à-vis of your data services in terms of flexibility, scalability, and relevance. But we also aware of your unmatched efforts to improve your services and customers experience in Africa and across the world. As the forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, today, talks about your Global Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. If unfamiliar, we recall that, MTN’s global VPN service offers (MPLS, Internet Protocol (IP) and VPN). Launched in 2013, in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, Tanzania, United Kingdom, and Ghana, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Zambia and Senegal, is excited to underscore the evolution of this service worldwide. By signing a partnership with PCCW, an international telecommunications provider MTN demonstrates its strategic willingness to expand coverage of its global Virtual Private Network (VPN) to countries where it currently does not have a p…

Develop new analytics, cloud and data skills in Africa, IBM henceforth truly engaged: stakes and opportunities.

Congrats IBM, even if business is business, but observes your deep willingness to bring real solutions to problems by focusing on analytics, and cloud technologies. Your engagement in Africa has captured our attention, and you know that, is the leading and unique essential tool intended for decision-makers and IT professionals across the world; meaning that, is seduces and ready to help you as usual to reach thousands of African students for Big Data, analytics and cloud skills training, education and recruiting. Your IT knowledge-building initiatives are welcome into the environment where the potentialities are huge. The real stakes remain to enabling the existing and future workforce to develop new analytics, cloud and data skills crucial to the continent's economic growth and social development. The mains challenges are identified: a lack of key infrastructures, a lack of key skills and rapid urbanization and other factors.…