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Breaking: with $4.7 billion offer, Blackberry signed a tentative deal to be acquired by a consortium led by its biggest shareholder.

Following the difficult launching of BBM, the sales of Q10, Z10, Q5 at half-mast and the massive layoffs underway; BlackBerry, finally, this Monday signed a tentative deal to be acquired by a consortium led by its biggest shareholder. The offer comes from a

This afternoon, two new Handsets have made their appearance: Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet and a super new Oppo N1.

Despite its design not too exciting, Surface 2 Tablet can seduce its base of fans ,well established precisely in US. Outside the US, this will be too difficult for Microsoft to expand or gain its market share. Microsoft has to recognize that they have failed to assure the transition between PC and mobile. In terms of major features and specs, the

Warning, Cisco has released three security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities affecting various components of (DCNM).

For those who use various components of Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM), please be cautious, Cisco has released three security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities affecting various components of Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM). According to Cisco, these vulnerabilities may allow an unauthenticated, remote

Google Ideas ,Indigo Trust , IC2, Psycle and the Miranker Lab launched

Interested by the constitution of your country, or ,you want to discover what is rolling out next to, , aims to help you as from now.
Based on the realities that, new constitutions are written every year and that, the people

Here is, Brand-Pit, the market research tool allowing brand managers to analyse photos posted engage fans and capture sales.

On the internet, certainly people love share, comment photos and videos. According to Brand-Pit, a new Japanese startup, a good portion of these photos contain commercial branded products. Based on this reality, aims to the revolutionary market research tool allowing brand managers to analyze photos posted on the internet engage fans and capture explains that,‘’Everyday, people take photos of what they love and upload those to different social networks. A good portion of these photos contain commercial branded products. This user-uploaded photo help brands, spread the word

IBM announced it will invest US$ 17 million in a new data center located in Bogotá: stakes and opportunities.

IBM business opportunities in Colombia continue to grow since the US$8 million investment IBM made in Colombia when the company opened a datacenter in 2011. Henceforth IBM rely on its services ( IaaS,SaaS …) to develop its market share internationally and specially in Latin America. Connectikpeople has observed that, the new center will provide Colombian companies with cloud computing and Big Data services, with the goal to enable organizations to

Let’s watch together the New Ford S-MAX Concept

Unveiled, during the last IAA 2013 in Berlin, the New Ford S-MAX Concept aims to feature a stunning new look, uprated driving dynamics, cutting-edge technologies, and

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 takes place September 22 – 26, 2013 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

With more than 60,000 attendees expected from over 145 countries, this educational and networking event for Oracle technologists, customers, and partners, Oracle OpenWorld, aims to feature education and insight into Oracle's strategy and roadmap, including insight

AT&T today announced that it has closed its acquisition of Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.’s U.S: stakes and opportunities.

If this remains widely true that, rural areas in USA suffer about the lack of telecoms infrastructures, progressively, carriers are investing in these localities. AT&T is among these carriers. Therefore, AT&T expands its family with 5 new employees, new infrastructures and new assets of Atlantic Tele-Network. This means, great performance of AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the future in the rural areas: Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina. The acquisition concerns wireless properties in six states, including spectrum licenses,

Here is, the Jolla Phone with Sailfish OS: the story behind the project and Specs.

So far, not too known, Jolla Phone, carries a history behind it. In fact, Jolla was started by Sami Pienimäki, Jussi Hurmola, Marc Dillon, Stefano Mosconi, ex-Nokia employees and Antti Saarnio, as a company to continue MeeGo smartphone development. Therefore, an existing company entity (formed in March 2011) was used

The new IITC Mobile 0.6.5 released, fix a crash on entering plugin preferences seen on some devices.

This browser add-on progressively gains in notoriety and its base of users grows consequently since a few months. Based on this reality, the team behind this project has released IITC 0.14.1 and IITC Mobile 0.6.4.
Connectikpeople has observed that, Major changes include:
- better performance when thousands of portals are visible
- layer chooser options to hide individual faction portals/links/fields

Internet of Things: EarthMake brings arLCD with the re-ignite the Arduino Marketplace.

Henceforth manufacturers can test, asses and enjoy this new comer, billed as the easiest way to add a touchscreen Graphical User Interface to Arduino. For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that Arduino is an open-source electronics

Le concept Blackberry Messenger for everyone en marche, mais pour quel marché et résultats ?

Le concept du Blackberry Messenger for everyone initié il y’a plusieurs mois, est devenu réalité à la fin de la semaine dernière. Désormais malgré un accouchement difficile l’application de messagerie est disponible pour iOS, Android et BB10. Le cap franchi montre la détermination du canadien de se lancer dans le marché des applications. Une nouvelle source de revenues pour un groupe qui en a

Apple’s Touch ID hacked by the Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

A lot of has been seen and done regarding the bypassing techniques, each hackers or group of hackers sometimes find its route and its methods, but as usual the goal is bypass the restrictions. With Apple fingers Apple’s Touch ID the tactic is called ‘’Lifted Fingerprint’’. Here, you have to scan the fingerprint, invert it and print it with