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Visibility across the entire IT infrastructure to improve security and management: Dell KACE K1000 version 6.0, advices and stakes.

Our unmatched readiness to see companies, organizations and public sectors to get greater visibility across their entire IT infrastructure, with the goal to improve security and agility, efficiency, deployment and management without requiring the purchase of disparate tools or point solutions, leads us to talk about the Dell KACE K1000 version

Health-tracking devices : avec Cue, mesurer sur le mobile votre taux de testostérone, vitamine D, la fertilité, la grippe et l’inflammation.

Notre unique expérience de l’industrie naissante et grandissante des wearable devices notamment les (health-tracking devices), ces objets portables qui mesurent nos performances individuelles et la qualité de notre santé, nous démontrent progressivement que, les laboratoires vont démanger des hôpitaux pour faire domicile

TomTom’s Global Speed Cameras Service and fleet management service in Spain: stakes and opportunities.

As part of global commitment, congratulate TomTom (TOM2) in its new commitment to helping drivers in Russia avoid frustrating traffic jams and reach their destination faster. We are also excited to see that, TomTom Telematics will power a new fleet management service in Spain for leasing company, Northgate Flexible Renting, with the goal to help its customers cut fleet running costs. This new momentum means that,TomTom (TOM2) has launched its Speed Cameras service in Russia, making it the 50th country where the service is available. Henceforth, drivers will benefit from up-to-date warnings of nearby speed and

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, une solution cloud computing sans passer par l’Internet grand public : enjeux, réalités, défis et conseils

Dans un marché du Cloud computing (public, privé, et hybride) désormais très compétitif et saturé, Microsoft apporte un différenciateur susceptible de lui porter chance devant ses concurrents : un gage de sécurité et de performance. C'est-à-dire que pour sa nouvelle offre Azure ExpressRoute, l’américain propose aux grandes entreprises localisées aux Etats-Unis, une solution pour connecter des cloud privé à sa plateforme Azure sans passer par l’Internet classique, mais par des connexions potentiellement sécurisées via des opérateurs partenaires tels qu’AT&T, Verizon, BT, Level 3, Equinix, Telecity et

Hopscotch, Counsyl, iZettle, Talkspace, Wochit and AdSame can now accelerate their growth.

As, a unique must-attend landmark when it comes to the end-to-end digital transformation,, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
Hopscotch( Founded in 2011, New York-based educational programming app), has just announced a $1.2 million seed round from Resolute Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Kapor Capital, and other unnamed investors. recalls that, Hopscotch is visual, object-oriented programming language designed for iPad that helps kids learn to code. Hopscotch is used by teachers and kids in more than 100 countries and has just released the 2.0 version of its app. Counsyl(founded in 2008, San Francisco-based genetic testing company), has r…

Here set of amazing Apps for Google Glass, susceptible to help you as a professionnal.

In the wake of the Google Glass flash sales, some among you own this device, or are susceptible to buy it in the future. For those who are not familiar, as part of our global commitment, recalls that, with Google Glass, you can capture amazing video and photos, consult your weather, surf the internet or deal with texting and emails and more. As a must-attend landmark for digital transformation for the companies of all sizes, has captured for you 10 applications for your Google Glass, susceptible to help you enjoy your device. 1. The MyGlass application is used to configure and manage your Glass. It will work on Google Glass only. 2. The GlassMusicsearch in glass prompts you to ask questions and search for any kind of music. 3. With Glass To Phone , you can simply send your pictures from Glass to your Android phone and more. 4. From road maps and signals to hoardings, Word Lens Translator for Glasslets you change words from language to a different. 5…

Marché de l’IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) aux Etats-Unis : acteurs clés, chiffres et prospectives.

Le marché du Cloud computing notamment, le segment IaaS (Infrastructure comme service), est hautement compétitif et exigent lorsqu’il s’agit de remplir les critères incontournables de flexibilité, d’agilité, de recovery, d’extensibilité, de simplicité, de qualité de service, de sécurité bout-en-bout et de transparence. Le fournisseur de services a un portfolio diversifié, souple, complet, large et intégré, plus il a de chances

Facial recognition software industry: NeoFace Monitor and DeepFace pave their way.

We are still at the early stage of facial recognition software industry. This means inter alia that, we need new applications for facial recognition software beyond security and police databases.
Beyond privacy concerns and criticism around speed and precision, hails the great efforts progressively, implemented by NEC with its NeoFace recognition process and Facebook, with its own DeepFace software, which is designed to do a better job of picking out friends to tag in uploaded photos and finding yourself in photos.

When it comes to NeoFace Monitor, it used to detect PC users’ faces when they log on. observes that, the Perturbation Space Method algorithm developed by NEC converts two-dimensional images into three-dimensional representations of the user’s head. It applies lighting from different angles, and another algorithm called Adaptive Regional Blend Matching can reduce the impact of changing