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Here is how Windows 10 can help protect your business, improve your employee’s productivity, and innovate.

Following the commercial flop of Windows 8, recalls that Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are available for business users for genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets.
The new OS brings more secure options, such as biometrics and hardware-based multi-factor credentials. 
For example, with Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, people can log into their Windows 10 device or a line of business apps without a password. With Credential Guard, Windows 10 protects corporate identities by containing them in the hardware-based secure execution environment. 
With Device Guard and Secure Boot, Windows 10 can enable companies to help block attacks by o allowing devices to run trusted software. 
Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure Rights Management can help protect sensitive corporate data by enabling automatic data encryption and cloud-based rights management.
Improved deployment and device management in Windows 10 can offer a unified Mobile Devi…

HTML5 as primary web technology for mobile and web development?

Native-apps remain the core of stakes when it comes to deeply streamline our digital experiences.
But it is also exciting to recall that the flexibility procured by HTML5 combined with the increasingfragmentation in mobile devices and demand for cross-platforms are key drivers behind the shift in developer sentiment towards using the HTML standard.
According to David MacQueen, executive director, apps and media research at Strategy Analytics, “The number of developers using HTML5 has shown a steady increase over the last few years, from 33 percent in 2013, 35 percent in 2014 and now up to 39 percent.”

Combine advanced key management technology with cloud sharing and messaging.

Security around and inside data is henceforth at the heart of multiple R&D. Numerous paradigms, technologies and approaches are developed and deployed.
At VeriFyle, henceforth they bet on their patented Cellucrypt technology that can assign each data object (e.g. document, note or conversation) a unique encryption key, which is itself encrypted uniquely each time a user shares that object. 
The goal is a more secure way to share data. encourages this momentum that goes beyond a single master key for encrypting and decrypting users’ data. VeriFyle’s Cellucrypt technology uses password-derived keys on top of a public-key system to individually encrypt data objects.
VeriFyle’s messaging and file-sharing service will incorporate the Cellucrypt technology as its standard.

Critical vulnerability in BIND and in Android devices running Android versions 2.2 through 5.1.1_r4.

Image recalls that ISC has released security updates to address a vulnerability in BIND. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to cause a denial of service condition. Updates available include: BIND 9-version 9.9.7-P2BIND 9-version 9.10.2-P3Users and administrators are encouraged to review ISC Knowledge Base Article AA-01272 and apply the necessary updates. also recalls that, Android devices running Android versions 2.2 through 5.1.1_r4 contain vulnerabilities in the Stagefright media playback engine. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to access multimedia files or potentially take control of a vulnerable device.
Therefore, Users and administrators are encouraged to review Vulnerability Note VU#924951 for more information. 
US-CERT recommends affected Android users contact their wireless carrier or device manufacturer for a software update.

Analytics and control of resource utilization to OpenStack based private cloud infrastructure.

Monitoring and control capabilities for public and private cloud infrastructure are at the core stakes in our digital age where the cloud is a game changer for the enterprises of all sizes; in terms of flexibility, agility, performance, security and productivity. 
Henceforth, developers can build, run, deploy, scale and monitor on-premise, web and mobile apps, quickly and easily.
In this momentum, operators need the real-time ability to measure application and infrastructure resources together. 
They need to discover and eliminate bottlenecks across I/O resources, provide data-driven capacity planning for infrastructure. 
No matter if applications are running in Virtual Machines, or containers, either on-premise or in the public cloud, IT managers are henceforth able to designate exactly what resources an application can use for more efficient infrastructure use and a more consistent performing application. streamlines all those experiences in real-time; therefore we sal…