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Here is what brands, businesses and organizations need when it comes to social media sentiment analysis.

As you can imagine, in our social era, it is natural that, companies need real-time visibility into the immense amount of digital conversations happening around them, and should be able to respond to any feedback or crisis.
It is also obvious that, they need to deeply understand how the new ITConvergence is transforming the way businesses compete, interact with clients and respond to trends and industry shifts. 
This means inter alia that: brands, businesses and organizations should develop, improve and appropriate their ability to access and make sense of huge volumes of information, likely to help them transform and streamline their operations and gain a competitive advantage.
Brands, businesses and organizations need holistic capabilities to monitor discussions on the social networks on which they have a presence, enabling them to gain fast, valuable and actionable insights from a myriad of posts, likes, comments and shares referencing their brand.

In this quest, flexible, seamless, …