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A new app for IBM QRadar to fight Insider Threats with User Behavior Analytics

Insider Threats are now at the core of daunting preoccupations within organizations of all sizes and governments. 
Several studies and figures are converging on the fact; Insider threats are currently responsible for 60 percent of attacks facing businesses. Steadily these attacks are the result of users’ credentials falling into the hands of hackers via employees, contractors or partners who are tricked by malware-laden phishing attacks or other technique.
With the new app for IBM QRadar, we have at the center of stakes: QRadar platform’s advanced analytics, compromised credentials and malicious insiders.
In effect, IBM Security brings up a new app for IBM QRadar which analyzes the usage patterns of insiders, including employees, contractors and partners, to determine if their credentials or systems have been compromised by cybercriminals.
IBM QRadar User Behavior Analytics, available for free via the IBM Security App Exchange, and can provide early visibility into potential insider thre…