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Notable Funding in digital landscape captured this last weeks in ASIA.

Compared to what we observe in Silicon Valley (US), and in Israel where innovative products, services and technologies are the game-changing, in Asia, major products, services and technologies are the copies from West, with exciting local course. Major funding also come from West funds, Ventures and business Angel, particularly from USA. $984 Million have been captured by respectively intended to: Dianping (China) Local restaurant and business reviews and daily deals : raises $850 million series E round from Temasek Holdings, Wanda Group, Hina Group, and previous investorsFoodpanda (Malaysia) Online food ordering : $110 million from Rocket Internet and othersCrowdfire (India) $2.5 million series A round from Kalaari CapitalChargeBee (India) Cloud-based billing platform : $5 million series B round led by Tiger Global, followed by Accel PartnersDiabetOmics (India) Saliva-based diabetes testing : $4 million series C round led by VentureeastEnsogo (Si…

Protect corporate data on the network, in the cloud, at access and on mobile devices.

In our cloud-driven world, recalls that, encrypt data holisticallyin the cloud is the first step, when it comes to protect corporate data on the network, in the cloud, at access and on mobile devices.
Second, the culture of best practices among employees is critical, while the real-time ability to analyze firewall logs against a continually updated risk intelligence database to identify exfiltration to high-risk locations outside the firewall including malware, targeted threats, cloaked destinations, zero-day attacks, insider threats, shadow IT and more, is vital.

Unified Development Framework for Building Applications for Any Device or Screen

Cross-platform and multi-screen applications are henceforth required in our digital age, where every worker requires the right application experience at the right time no matter what screen they are using, and where the demand for optimal user experiences and the enhanced productivity and performance on the applications that power their business, rapidly increases. encourages Sencha, a provider of HTML5 desktop and mobile web application development technology, in its new commitment to merge Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch web application development frameworks into Sencha Ext JS 6.0. 
This merging means that, henceforth, IT departments can create web application experiences across desktops, touch screen tablets and smartphones from a single JavaScript code base. 
The framework is compatible with modern and legacy browsers and with the devices and major operating systems.
Sencha Ext JS 6.0 provides: a JavaScript source to build applications using a Model View ViewModel …

Enterprise Mobility according to Red Hat.

From enhanced productivity and performance to the flexibility, provided the Enterprise Mobility, the mobility is henceforth critical when it comes to the end-to-end  competitiveness for each modern enterprise or organization, anywhere and anytime.
Therefore, encourages all new enterprise mobility initiatives susceptible to unlock values and sustainable growth within businesses and organizations. Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open source solutions, has announced its vision to help organizations succeed and to become mobile-centric.
According toRed Hat., enterprises must evolve in a way that supports both the agility of new mobile initiatives and stability of core IT.

Cloud-Based Retail Execution Platform for Consumer Goods’ Mobile Sales Force

In our ever-changing consumer goods market landscape, AFSTechnologies, with its AFS Retail Execution platform, aims to provide the flexibility and configurability sales executives need. observes that, a new configurable platform can deliver a seamless, scalable, and secure environment from which consumer goods companies can maximize resources and bolster sales. 
Key features of AFS Retail Execution include: Configurability; Adaptable workflow; Collaborative, and Device agnostic.
“Our new retail execution platform underscores our dedication to this market, offering the flexibility they so desperately need to uncover the operational efficiencies and data insights required to improve sales,” said Gudihal.

Video surveillance data in our digital-driven world: data Insights, Opportunities and Infrastructure advancements

The efficiency of Video surveillance data becomes essential in our modern world when it comes to prevent and mitigate crime, theft, and terrorism.
It is also henceforth well clear that, the volume of video surveillance data collected by government agencies is growing faster than most agencies can manage, analyze, and harness it.
Based on this reality, has captured for you a new report which focuses on: How agencies are using video surveillance data insightsOpportunities for integrating video surveillance and big data analyticsInsight from Feds on next steps for collaboration and infrastructure advancementsTo learn more and download the study, you can visit: