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Showing posts from May 13, 2015

Document management solution for businesses that use Google Drive and Salesforce.

Availability, Data Loss prevention, performance, seamless, flexibility, security, privacy and productivity are the game changer nowadays when it comes to adopt enterprises solutions anywhere and anytime. salutes the new partnership between Cirrus Files, a Salesforce ISV Partner and Google for Work with Conga, when it comes to help organizations create dynamic documents in Salesforce, store them in Google Drive, and relate them to the appropriate Salesforce record .
Henceforth, Conga Composercan make it easy to generate documents, presentations and reports using Salesforce data and can save the output file in Google Drive or can convert it to a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide. 
Cirrus Files brings Google Drive to Salesforce, making it quick and easy to find documents related to any of your Salesforce records, including accounts, opportunities, cases and custom objects.

Augment decision-making through learning models built on structured data.

Real-time data-visualization and analytics anywhere, has deeply transformed decision-making within enterprise, organizations and governments. 
Millions around the world experiment this reality everyday on, when it comes to inter alia make connections between pieces of data, plan deep analysis, and convert it into meaningful insights. salutes the momentum behind the Datashop Technology that can integrate raw streams of data into a structured data pool on a big data infrastructure. Feel Free to Contact us and Submit your app or technology.

Open development and deployment of new Internet of Things applications and services.

It is exciting to see how Industry can use Internet of Things to tackle World’s Big Challenges. 
Major challenges related to Climate change, Sustainable development, streamlined IT processes, Health, Urban development, Agriculture, Security the world faces today, can find their response on the open development and deployment of new IoT applications and services.
We are still at early stage, reason why emphasizes the importance of open platforms and industry collaboration to accelerate and streamline development of new IoT applications and services.
It is clear that,we need to create powerful and secure open platforms that will harness the information generated by IoT to develop new insights, improve decision-making and foster new approaches to meet the challenges we face nowadays. 
The Samsung ARTIK™ platform paves it s way within this industry. For those who unfamiliar, recalls that ARTIK is a production-ready, open platform that includes the hardwar…

Open source network virtualization solution built for OpenStack clouds

The OpenStack momentum is quite more and more exciting in terms of production, services, innovations and technologies. 
In this environment, Akanda 1.0, a network orchestration platform aims to simplify the delivery and management of network services in OpenStack clouds. can observe that Akanda can enable key virtualized network functions providing routing, load balancing, firewall and more.