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Orange Business Services fulfills its shortcomings by acquiring InovenAltenor: stakes and opportunities.

Until now, Orange Business Services has met lots of difficulties to deploy and market its offers intended for companies. Connectikpeople hopes that, as from now, with the acquisition of consulting firm InovenAltenor, the curve will be toppled. The acquisition also means that Orange Business Services is deeply committed to accompany companies in the strategic domain of digital transformation. Connectikpeople may recall that, founded in 2005 and InovenAltenor with about 60

Racing iOS games: iPhone and iPad homeowners, here is 2K Drive for your entertainment.

Since Thursday 5, 2013, 2K Sports has released for you a new driving game called 2K Drive. The game features good graphics, real cars and multiplayer options and more.   Among the major features, Connectikpeople has nabbed: