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Showing posts from November 15, 2013

Polaris® Industries is launching a new military-grade all-terrain vehicle (ATV) featuring Terrain Armor™ Non-Pneumatic Tires (NPT).

Here we talk about the New Sportsman WV850 H.O. All-Terrain Vehicle Features Terrain Armor Non-PneumaticTires. Pending its availability in December 2013, in very limited quantities, the new Sportsman® WV850 H.O., includes: A military-grade fully automatic single-speed transmission including forward and reverse gears An upgraded shock package that offers superior handling under heavy load or

Oracle announces Oracle CloudWorld event series will expand to nine additional global cities.

This announcement aligned on its marketing strategy, means that, the expanded series of Oracle CloudWorlds will take place in Beijing, Bogota, Chicago, New Delhi, Paris, San Francisco, Melbourne and Moscow.
During these sessions, Oracle CloudWorld brings together industry leaders, including senior Oracle executives, customers and partners, to share real-world examples of how

MTN Mobile Money democratizes online payment in Africa via Visa.

If until now it required about $40 USD to acquire your Visa card in Africa via a set of resellers, henceforth, freely MTN customers’ devices will be able to pay using their MTN Mobile Money account in stores with Visa Points Of Sale (POS). In addition, customers will be able to make online payments at all Visa merchants and withdraw money from their MTN Mobile Money account at any Visa ATM. In this dynamic, MTN Mobile Money customers in Ghana will be first to experience the innovative new mobile payment solution when it’s launched in that country before

Huawei Service Chain Virtualization Innovation Solution passes the EANTC NFV Test

Huawei continues its global strategy of expansion. In this dynamic, after having published at the second SDN & OpenFlow World Congress Huawei service chain virtualization innovation solution, this technology has participated in the first public multi-vendor test of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) carried out by European

Henceforth Internet Solutions Confirms Avanti Satellite for South Africa Services.

This morning Connectikpeople has captured a multiyear contract for over 56Mb of managed capacity on Avanti HYLAS 2 satellite with Internet Solutions (IS). This means that, IS, is working with Avanti to expand its

Centrale biomasse au Canada : Veolia Environnement via Dalkia va concevoir et exploiter.

L’économie canadienne est très dépendante des ressources minières, et fossiles et cela pour longtemps encore bien que le pays accélère les initiatives (voir de quoi il s’agitici) pour attirer les matermind de l’économie numérique. Du ôté de l’économie verte, les choses bougent aussi, car l’avenir du pays en est tributaire. Dans cette dynamique, Dalkia et le fond canadien Fengate Capital Management Ltd., vont développer l’une des plus importantes centrales biomasse au Canada,qui sera conçue, construite et exploitée par Dalkia à Fort Saint James en

Here is the Smithsonian x3D Explorer, an interactive 3D educational tool accessible to anyone via the web.

With release, Autodesk focuses on the Smithsonian to democratize access to prized specimens and to bring their stories to life. This means, public can henceforth experience priceless objects digitized by the Smithsonian x3DExplorer. According to Autodesk, 3D technology is beginning to revolutionize museums in the same way it has revolutionized entertainment, manufacturing, and architecture, and the

Amazon RDS is henceforth available for PostgreSQL

This announcement means that, PostgreSQL is now available as a managed service on Amazon Web Service with up to 3TB of storage, 30,000 IOPS and support for high-availability. Henceforth with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, users can deploy a PostgreSQL database in minutes with automatically configured database parameters for optimal performance. Connectikpeople recalls that, PostgreSQL is the fourth database engine for Amazon RDS, which also supports managed MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server