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Reinforcement learning is an evolved version of machine learning and superior in terms of results delivered

For those who are unfamiliar, Reinforcement learning is a specialized form of supervised learning with a provision of training information provided by the environment. The learner/user in reinforcement learning needs to uncover actions that generate the best results, by being a part of the decision-making process. Instead of following instructions, the learner can override the system-generated commands to take decision on its own. According to Technavio Research, unlike supervised learning, reinforcement learning exhibits adequacy in situations when there is an absence of a knowledgeable supervisor. In such unfamiliar situations, an agent is required to be able to learn from the interface and by using its own experience. This is where reinforcement learning is expected to showcase its advantages.

A self-service cloud-enabled delivery model in the deep learning industry

Steadily, one can observe that, as deep learning technology gets adopted by masses, the market is on an interesting curve to progress toward a self-service cloud-enabled delivery model. 
Analysts predict that, this cloud-based platform will deliver fast results and would be useful in overcoming technical difficulties encountered in deep learning algorithm. 
This evolution in deep learning market will pave the way for a new wave of industrial revolution. Industries will switch from their traditional mode of disconnected systems and reactive approach to an integrated and proactive approach based decision-making, according to Technavio Research.

Modular capabilities in deep learning technology

For many analysts, with industries harnessing deep learning technology to optimize operations and make real-time decisions, modular capabilities in deep learning will aid visual design, configuration, and training new models obtained from pre-existent building blocks.

Impact of Deep learning in the programming of automated machines

For those who are unfamiliar, Deep learning has surfaced as a powerful tool that assists industries in improving the programming of automated machines/equipment and inducing self-learning capabilities.

Near real-time data to markedly improve planning and execution in the physical store

Very exciting to see that,IBM and SAP SE have teamed up to provide a co-innovated solution for the retail and consumer packaged goods industries to help both increase profitability and improve the consumer experience. One can observe that, the solution uses near real-time data to markedly improve planning and execution in the physical store. IBM’s Metro Pulse, flow through SAP® Cloud Platform provide insights that can be acted upon almost immediately.