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Threat management and compliance solutions for government agencies and enterprise and organizations.

Given our global position, as a must-attend landmark for digital transformation, it is  our role to help you  to make better informed security strategy decisions. helps empower in real-time security-conscious organizations with use cases, advices and technologies that help reduce IT security risks and simplify compliance reporting across heterogeneous IT environments. Thank to Goverment which leads us to encourage BeyondTrust, (provider of Context-Aware Security Intelligence,), in its new commitment with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). In fact, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), has chosen to extend their contract with BeyondTrust to provide critical vulnerability assessment and management solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD),including the Army,

Smart City Trend, Cisco and the City of Hamburg pave their way: stakes and opportunities.

At we are very excited when it comes to future possibilities through connecting people, processes, data, cities and communities. Our global commitment is to guide these developments in the right direction by establishing the appropriate interactions and ensuring that you take advantage of opportunities and master challenges. observes that, the city of Hamburg (GERMANY) aims to improve the quality of life for its residents by enabling greater mobility, efficiency, safety and sustainability. This means Hamburg is emerging as one of the world's Smart City. When it comes to Smart City, recalls that, during the Smart City Summit hosted in Hamburg in December 2013, representatives of public sector, research and education institutions as well as local and international companies came

Attention, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Paypal, Weibo, … vulnérables: enjeux, faits, conseils et défis.

Nous vivons désormais dans un monde hyper-connecté inondé par les données, les applications et les capteurs de toutes sortes. Ce qui veut dire qu’il est de plus en plus complexe de développer, surveiller, maintenir ou faire évoluer une application. D’où la nécessité de développer les approches collaborative et de transparence très poussées entre les différents acteurs de l’industrie du numérique. Chez, nous sommes conscients de notre rôle incontournable dans le processus bout-en-bout de transformation digitale des entreprises et organisations de

A new milestone for RedHat in the security space: stakes and opportunities.

At, we believe in the open source standards and we are progressively excited to see that, the open source trend flocks within companies and public sectors. When it comes to, people, organizations, businesses talk about smart decisions for digital transformation. This is exceptional, but as part of its global commitment also focuses on what is vital for you: the collaborative interactions, when it comes to