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Nearly $1.154B injected last week in the digital industry: the Private Equity continues its momentum.

Established business models continue to drive excitements among investors who foster more and more , established e-commerce services; bringing a new breathe for expansion.
The Private Equity contributed for almost $242M to finance online food ordering sites; listing site, and more.
Commercial music streaming service, mobile game apps, cloud services, security technologies and the sharing economy have also driven huge amount of funding.
25M EUR / Venture for Jimdo that enables users to create a website on a computer, smart phone or tablet using a simple intuitive interface. Investors include:Spectrum Equity.
$25M / Series B for Menlo Security, a stealth cyber security startup, that aims to eliminating the threat of advanced malware by introducing a new security model. Investors include: General Catalyst Partners,Sutter Hill Ventures, Osage University Partnersand others.$110M / Private Equity for Delivery Hero, a network of online food ordering sites with over 73,000 restaurant partners wor…

New important excitements, around Spark, when it comes to bring essential advances to large-scale data processing.

At, we believe in open source innovation, and strongly in the power of open source as the basis to unlock critical values. 
In our digital age, Apache®Spark™, is a foundational technology platform for accelerating innovation and driving analytics across every business in a fundamental way; therefore, encourages businesses of all sizes to embrace Spark to advance their own data strategies to drive business transformation and competitive differentiation.
In the same momentum, we salute the new commitment of IBM to embed Spark into its Analytics and Commerce platforms, and to offer Spark as a service on IBM Cloud. 
IBM will open source its IBM SystemML machine learning technology and collaborate with Databricks to advance Spark’s machine learning capabilities.
IBM scientists and engineers will work with the Apache Spark open community to rapidly accelerate access to advanced machine learning capabilities and help drive speed-to-innovation in the developm…

Static and dynamic city data and information, also, means=

With the power and flexibility provided by the new IT Convergence, it is more and more exciting to note that, governments, states and businesses of all sizes are able to leverage technology to plan and manage their holistic transformation over the next decades.
For those are reluctant or lack actionable insights when it comes to Static and dynamic city data and information, recalls that, we talk about:
The ability to harmonize product, nature and life through 3D universes,
collaborative platform with a rich data environment and visualization techniques that help citizens, businesses, government and research community to develop tools and services that address the emerging and complex challenges cities faces,
Data analytics and simulated modeling capabilities for testing concepts and services, planning, decision-making, researching technologies and generating community collaboration,
Images and data collected from various public agencies, including geometric, geospatial…

Here is what mobile advertisers, also, have to understand.

In our mobile-driven age, stakes around mobility, go henceforth beyond the productivity and performance, profitability and flexibility that need businesses of all sizes.
When it comes to mobile advertisers, it is indispensable to understand that, privacy also matters like the increased penetration of Internet and mobile devices worldwide.
The number of mobile devices including: smartphones, Tablets and smartwatchs, shipped will proliferate. Social apps and mobile games will drive excitements worldwide among consumers. 
With the increased downloading and usage of apps, mobile advertisers can understand the behavior of an individual and can cater in real-time to their interests and needs. 
With, feel free to ask questions and share your knowledge. We are here to help, boost the digital industry and streamline the end-to-end digital experiences.