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Samsung + Red Hat for the High-performance Ceph Reference Architecture

Well-balanced storage server node, improved bandwidth, high scalability and low latency, optimized software-defined storage solutions, performance optimization in an OpenStack environment, and data center community is at the core of stakes.
The combination of Samsung’s NVMe (SSD) Reference Design and Red Hat Ceph Storage, a software-defined storage platform, in a new high performance Ceph Reference Architecture by Samsung is an interesting momentum to optimize software-defined storage solutions in the data center.
In effect, Samsung’s NVMe Reference Design platform, together with Red Hat Ceph Storage, can deliver a highly scalable, more efficient TCO reference architecture that supports unified storage for enterprise IT or cloud environments in handling transactional databases, machine-generated data and unstructured data. 
One can also observe that, it can be deployed in an OpenStack environment to support the bandwidth, latency and IOPS requirements of high performance workloads and us…

Powerful imaging technologies to mobile platforms with LEADTOOLS Version 19 for Android and iOS/OS X

Imaging technologies are steadily and deeply impacting our ever-connected world where mobile platforms, technologies and handsets are at the core of enhanced productivity, performance and flexibility. LEAD Technologies is aware of stakes with its LEADTOOLS imaging SDKs for Android and iOS/OS X platforms which includes now Enhanced OCR and Barcode Recognition, New Credit Card and ID Recognition, and New Format Support, and other powerful imaging technologies to mobile platforms.

New Android and iOS Apps for the Max Remote Management Platform

Remote Monitoring and Remediation on the Go, resolve any issues with minimal user disruption is at the core this new Android and iOS Apps for the Max Remote Management Platform in our ever-connected world where the ability to manage networks and devices on the move is a game-changer.
In effect, the improved MAX Remote Management mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms can provide MAX RM users with a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently secure, manage, monitor and improve IT operations from within a single dashboard; directly from within their Android or iOS device. 
With Remote Access now available on mobile devices, users will be able to connect to servers and workstations to immediately resolve any issues with minimal user disruption.