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$1.025B to fund internet-based technologies and services last week.

The Private Equity has deeply marked the previous week with nearly $700Mpour in Yidao Yongche, a Chinese domestic e-commerce website platform that enables users to book professional car reservation services online. Overall, recalls that,
$2.6M/Series Afor Streethub ; a UK-based startup that helps independent shops and boutiques be discovered and sell online, creating an online-to-offline local marketplace for bricks and mortar retailers. Investors include : Octopus Ventures (Lead) ; Playfair Capital; Index Ventures.
$7.7M/Seedfor Cube26 ; a gesture technology company that allows devices to recognize users, interpret human gestures and understand their emotions. Investors include :Tiger Global Management (Lead) ; Flipkart.
$25M/Series Cfor Citrus Payment; a payments system that offers payment processing, and consumer and enterprise payment services. Investors include:Ascent Capital (Lead) ; Sequoia Capital (Lead); econtext Asia and Beenos Asia

Deal with the complexity of the marketing environment in our digital-driven age.

One of the most aggressive realties in our digital age is the proliferation of channels and devices, solutions and data, and marketing systems.Based on this surge, encourages marketers to focus inter alia on:
Personalized experiences based on customers' behaviors and preferences,
more personalized and relevant interactions,
Marketing systems that process countless customer data points,
customer data across all of their solutions, quick and seamless integration with a wide range customer behavior, event and audience data across paid, owned and earned channels The ability to transform customer behaviors into highly personalized interactions, delivering a consistent experience across all channels is a game changer.

Combination of Open hybrid cloud and IT management solutions in our data-driven age.

The hybrid cloud is henceforth considered as a streamlined approach for data-centric enterprises to consume and adopt the cloud computing.
In this momentum, the Combination of Open hybrid cloud and IT management solutions can bring peace in minds with orchestration, governance and policy-based control across hybrid clouds; self-service provisioning, and resource management as well as quota enforcement, metering and chargeback.
This combination can also deliver integrated infrastructure provisioning, software distribution, patch management and auditing capabilities.
IT automation and DevOps platforms that provide significantly simplified multi-tier application deployment and IT automation across hybrid clouds are henceforth indispensable.

Contingent of builders, actionable data and insights, and architects within the Hadoop ecosystem.

It is exciting to observe that, business transformations with Open Enterprise Hadoop are accelerating with distributed, scalable, flexible, agile, secure and seamless apps and enterprise-scale data platforms built entirely on open source technology including Apache™ Hadoop®. is building here, the largest Contingent of builders, data, actionable insights and architects within the Hadoop ecosystem who represent and lead the broader enterprise requirements within these communities.
Streamlined Data Platforms are providing open platforms that deeply integrates with existing IT investments and upon which enterprises can build and deploy Hadoop-based applications.

Proactive issue resolution and personalized Hadoop cluster insights.

At, we are more and more proud to observe that, enterprises running their business on big data rely on our streamlined coverage on Apache Hadoop environments, to unlock the broadest opportunities from Hadoop. So, through this post, recalls that, we live henceforth in a digital age where lapses and downtime are not tolerated.
Therefore, when it comes to proactive issue resolution and personalized Hadoop cluster insights, enterprises running their business on big data should understand that, stakes are huge.
Proactive issue resolution and personalized Hadoop cluster insights can bring inter alia: the real-time ability quickly receive insights and ongoing recommendations about cluster utilization and health; utilize log files and metrics for faster support case resolution to prevent configuration problems and optimize their clusters for capacity planning.