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IT Service Management is becoming a Hub of Innovation

It is very exciting to observe that, steadily, in many organizations, IT Service Management is becoming a hub of innovation unifying IT across its many silos. For those who are unfamiliar,IT Service Management promotes and measures IT efficiencies, consolidating insights critical for IT-to-business planning. EMA Research Co-Sponsored by EasyVista Finds IT Service Management is Becoming a Hub of Innovation In effect, EMA, an IT and data management research and consulting firm, surveyed 264 companies across North America and Europe on a range of subjects related to ITSM. They found that the industry is breaking away from its reputation as outdated, reactive and inefficient to become a focal point for innovation. It appears that, User experience is not simply about making things easy, it’s about creating an end-to-end experience that resembles what users have grown accustomed to in their lives outside of work. A mixture of support for mobility, social collaboration, intelligent bots and se…

360 Video and VR Innovation

It is very interesting to observe that, increasing numbers of creators, global brands and media and entertainment companies are embracing 360/VR and are looking for seamless, end-to-end workflows for this new, immersive medium. Adobe will integrate SkyBox plugin functionality natively into future releases of Premiere Pro and after Effects. Stakes related to Editing and Visual Effects are top priorities.

The manufacturing cost of autonomous mobile robots is very high

It is now obvious that, the manufacturing cost of autonomous mobile robots is very high. This becausethe fact that, the integration of the latest technology and components in robots such as high-resolution camera, software, global positioning system (GPS), and light metals for the body structure adds to the overall price of robots. Research and Markets revealed that, these robots are sophisticated because of the applications they are used in and the environment they are operated in. Among Key vendors, we have: General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Mobile Industrial Robots, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), SMP Robotics, Aethon, Swisslog, and Clearpath Robotics.

Here is what has generated the demand for autonomous mobile robots

Beyond the fact, the manufacturing cost of autonomous mobile robots is very high, the development of industries such as medical science and healthcare, food and beverages, automotive, oil and gas, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, semiconductor industries, and other manufacturing units have generated the demand for autonomous mobile robots. According to Research and Markets, the demand for these robots has been pulled up in the recent years because of their different behavior and patterns.